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News 16 February, 2022 BDIH Innovation

Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Pilot plant for the study of advanced joints of Lortek

Lortek, as an agent belonging to the node of Additive Manufacturing of the BDIH offers Basque companies the opportunity of having available their asset “Pilot plant for the study of advanced joints” in their headquarters of Ordizia (Gipuzkoa). This pilot plant is specially designed for the study of MIG/MAG arc welding, TIG and plasma processing, laser welding, friction welding as well as electric resistance welding.

Lortek has different welding cells, with different equipment and resources, such as sensors, monitoring devices or CAD/CAM software, for training, demonstration, applied research and development activities. The companies that make use of this asset can request proofs of concept or lab scale viability testing in addition to process industrialization studies and their integration in the productive chain. Lortek also offers the possibility of performing a comparative study between different processes and/or welding technologies. The companies can carry out in the pilot plant the production of their first prototype, taking advantage of Lortek’s welding experience to develop technologies and products.

Use case

Hispavista and Nippon Gases are two companies with plants located in the Basque Country. The first one works in the digital sector with a technological ecosystem connected to Smart Cities capable of serving the industry with the help of expert personnel. Whereas, the second focuses on the supply of industrial, medical and food gases.

In order to incorporate digital and sustainable solutions in their industrial processes, the companies saw the need to turn to Lortek as a centre specialized in additive and smart manufacturing. In this way, Hispavista was able to make use of this asset to transform its solution for Smart Cities towards an IoT solution adopting the latest advances in the capturing, analysing and visualizing of information for the monitoring and analysis of sensory data in complex industrial processes. Likewise, Nippon Gases has been able to define with this asset the specifications and requirements of the new welding module as well as to define its validation tests and to perfectly simulate with its tools the real customer environment.

The versatility of this LORTEK asset has allowed Hispavista to develop a comprehensive solution for the management of complex industrial processes which will provide tools to better help their future clients presenting them the solutions they need in each moment. On the other hand, Nippon Gases is succeeding in meeting its needs in its welding applications and laying the foundations for the development of new solutions and services in the field of digital and sustainable industry that the company wants to achieve.

We invite you to learn more about these collaborations with Lortek. In the Hispavista video, its IT Project Manager Eva Dominguez will explain you all the details of the project and the good results obtained. In the Nippon Gases video, its Business Development Specialist Pablo Acha and its application engineer Igor Ayala tell you how they have benefited from this asset

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