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Within the industrial landscape, the adoption of Additive Manufacturing is providing companies with innovative, customised and technologically advanced solutions to meet the shifting demands of their customers. By creating metallic objects by adding the material layer by layer, instead of using the techniques of casting, moulding, cutting and other traditional methods, this advanced manufacturing approach makes it possible to customize the final product according to the needs of the sector and the customer. Here the SPRI Group, together...Leer más

Innovation in Materials has historically provided the Basque industry with significant advances in the development of new products and in the improvement of existing production processes. Currently, and over the next few years, innovation in Advanced Materials will be the core around which the incorporation of new functionalities and the improvement of their properties will revolve, providing greater added value to the products and processes of Basque SMEs, without losing sight on sustainability. Sustainability is interrelated with the...Leer más

BDIH 8 June, 2020
Additive Manufacturing 4.0: experiment and transform the way you conceive, design and manufacture your products

SPRI Group, together with the BDIH, presents the Additive Manufacturing node to Basque SMEs, a network of assets and experts focused on...Leer más

BDIH 3 June, 2020
The Closing word on…Advanced materials

Ibon Ocaña, European Business Development at CEIT. This month on advanced materials closes with some words from the coordinator of the...Leer más

Bio Health 28 May, 2020
The Basque Government participates in the Research and production project for the vaccine against COVID 19, together with Harvard and the company VIRALGEN

The Basque Government  is engaged in the international project to make this production possible in the Basque Country Tapia highlights...Leer más

BDIH 20 May, 2020
Materials 4.0: make your forging processes sustainable and energy efficient

In this article Grupo SPRI, together with the BDIH and its Advanced Materials Node, continues develop our knowledge and capacity to...Leer más

Basque Industry 29 April, 2020
Materials 4.0: Three state-of-the-art surface modification techniques for your industrial components

At the moment, Basque business is living through times of change and experiencing an unusual and difficult situation. Times of crisis are...Leer más

Basque Industry 15 April, 2020
Materials 4.0: producing better performing, more durable and more sustainable products in the Basque Country!

The SPRI Group, together with the BDIH, makes the Advanced Materials Node available to Basque SMEs. The Node is a network of assets and...Leer más

Basque Industry 7 April, 2020
The Closing Word on… Robotics

Damien Sallé, Cross-departmental Coordinator of Robotic Technology at Tecnalia and Head of Market for Advanced Manufacturing Robotics at...Leer más

Basque Industry 2 April, 2020
384,000 industrial robots and co-bots in the Basque Country

Robotic 4.0 solutions to support collaborative and flexible manufacturing. In the context of our robotics month, the SPRI group is...Leer más

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