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Use cases 28 August, 2023 BDIH Improvement in the treatment of sheet metal forming by means of a die to improve its flexibility

Fagor Arrasate is a Mondragón Corporation company founded in 1957. It currently employs more than 650 people and has plants in China, Mexico, Germany, Turkey and the United States. Fagor designs and manufactures automated and high-tech lines mainly for the sheet metal sector. They also manufacture forming lines for the automotive sector, cutting lines for the steel value chain and manufacturing lines for the...Read more

Use cases 1 August, 2023 BDIH Industrialisation of 3D printing for the manufacture of inorganic sand cores for aluminium cylinder heads for the automotive industry

Loramendi is a company founded 50 years ago and belongs to the Mondragon Group. Its work is focused on offering foundry solutions for core making, vertical model and service. Thanks to this work they are able to provide assistance and spare parts to national and international...Read more

Use cases 21 June, 2023 BDIH Improved fruit and vegetable detection through machine vision and real-time image analysis software library

Grabit is a company founded in 2019 that works in the field of machine vision. Its aim is to provide cost efficient solutions for the retail sector that improve the efficiency of processes, for example, in supermarkets. This work constitutes improved customer experience, new business models and increased...Read more

News 7 June, 2023 Entrepreneurship
The Basque Country reinforces its position as a Technology Entrepreneurship Hub with more than 1,000 start-ups and €100 million investment in 2022
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Challenges 17 May, 2023 Environmental sustainability
Sustainable Shipbuilding Challenge – Ekpboat Project
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Tubacex Aker Solutions News 25 March, 2023 Basque Trade & Investment
Aker Solutions selects TUBACEX as a delivery partner for umbilical tubes for key projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
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Invest in Basque Country - presentación sectorial alimentación Publications 3 March, 2023 Invest in Basque Country
The food sector in the Basque Country, a great investment opportunity
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Basque Trade Euskadi, una economía abierta al mundo News 1 March, 2023 Basque Trade & Investment
The Basque Country, an economy open to the world
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Publications 24 February, 2023 Invest in Basque Country
Investing in the Basque aviation sector: innovation and growth guaranteed
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Australia South Coast News 21 February, 2023 Basque Trade & Investment
Victoria State / Australia’s first offshore wind zone
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Invest in Basque Country - presentación sectorial alimentación
3 March, 2023 Invest in Basque Country

The food sector in the Basque Country, a great investment opportunity

The Basque Country, with a long culinary tradition, has become a benchmark in the production of high quality food and drink, as well as for innovation in food technologies and in promoting the local culinary heritage. Business development and boosting the setting up of new companies and businesses are two of the Basque Government's fundamental commitments to strengthen and grow the food and gastronomic value chain, which is a strategic sector for the Basque economy. The efforts to strengthen...Read more

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