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We work for companies just like yours, who are looking to specialise, digitalise, improve their international position, or for more affordable pavilions and offices.

We have resources to face any challenge and a global vision that leads the way.
Here you have expert help and the guarantee that we will turn your company around.


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We tackle the challenges of Basque companies
from all angles

01. Entrepreneurship

If you have a startup on the go,
an idea to be implemented, or
if you’re looking for business partners

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02. Internationalisation

16 of our own offices and a foreign
network operating in over 80 countries,
to speed up your international expansion.

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03. Basque Industry

What if all SMEs incorporated
technological solutions in
their projects?

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04. Cluster Policy

22 business groups of great benefit
that promote collaboration and the
strengthening of the Basque
industrial fabric

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05. Innovation

If you have an idea, such as an
improvement in your company, or if
you want to form part of the 500 innovative
projects that we promote this year.

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06. Infrastructures

Has your work space become
too small? Offices, pavilions and
modular spaces with special

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07. Cybersecurity

Protect your work environment.
If you detect any incidents,
you can call our emergency
telephone line

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08. Funding

For SMEs experiencing financial
difficulty, for businesses that
are in the process of expanding...

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09. Digitalisation

Are you thinking of including digitalisation
strategies in your business model?

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10. R&D

You can create better products
than the ones you've had up to now.

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and from specialised corporations and enterprises


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Investing in Basque companies is every country's best bet.

In the Basque Country, we believe and invest in our companies.
We're dedicated..
More than 40 years ago we embarked on a journey towards competitiveness,
and today we’re ranked as one of the most highly valued regions
for doing business.

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