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News 16 April, 2024 Innovation Companies with greater gender equality perform better in terms of innovation and are more competitive

The Impact of Women on Industrial Competitiveness study has shown that companies that give more importance to equality perform better in terms of technological innovation and are more competitive. The compiled data indicates that as gender equality increases in companies, so does R&D&I intensity; the performance is better in terms of billing, employment and internationalisation, with a strong positive...Read more

News 28 November, 2023 Innovation SPRI presents the results of the study on the impact of women on industrial competitiveness at the World Manufacturing Forum

Cristina Oyón, Director of Technology, Innovation and Sustainability of SPRI, presented the results of the study carried out by SPRI on the impact of women in industrial competitiveness during the World Manufacturing Forum, organized this week in Bergamo (Italy) by the World Manufacturing Foundation, This study is the continuation of the work carried out by the SPRI Group and the Foreign Network office in Milan...Read more

News 23 November, 2023 Innovation Europako fabrikazio-ikerketaren etorkizuna

BRTA aliantzak antolatzen du, EIT Manufacturing, Ideko, Mondragon Corporation, Tecnalia eta Teknikerrekin batera. Gaur inauguratu da, Gipuzkoako Zientzia eta Teknologia Parkean, MANUFUTURE Conference 2023, fabrikazio-industriaren etorkizunari buruzko Europako konferentzia. ManuFUTURE-EU Europako Plataforma Teknologikoaren urteroko topaketa honen helburua da fabrikazioak Europan etorkizunean izango dituen...Read more

Use cases 22 November, 2023 BDIH
Development of a metrology software focused on pre-scanned items
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Use cases 18 October, 2023 BDIH
Improvement in the tailstock manufacturing process through LMD technology
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Use cases 28 August, 2023 BDIH
Improvement in the treatment of sheet metal forming by means of a die to improve its flexibility
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Use cases 1 August, 2023 BDIH
Industrialisation of 3D printing for the manufacture of inorganic sand cores for aluminium cylinder heads for the automotive industry
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Use cases 21 June, 2023 BDIH
Improved fruit and vegetable detection through machine vision and real-time image analysis software library
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Challenges 17 May, 2023 Environmental sustainability
Sustainable Shipbuilding Challenge – Ekpboat Project
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News 8 February, 2023 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: 5-axis multi-process milling cell, capable of very high speed operations
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16 January, 2024 Environmental sustainability

Emission-free pulp and paper: roadmap for the decarbonisation of the Basque paper industry by 2050

The SPRI Group's Net-Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster initiative has unveiled the roadmap for the decarbonisation of the Basque paper sector by 2050. Along with steelmaking, smelting, cement and refinery, this industry is among the 5 that account for nearly 68% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Basque Country. The report concludes that the transition towards net-zero emissions of the sector will benefit from the development of technological measures focused mainly on energy...Read more

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