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Challenges 17 May, 2023 Environmental sustainability Sustainable Shipbuilding Challenge – Ekpboat Project

The marinas managed by EKP are occupied to a high degree by boats whose construction has historically generated a large amount of waste and whose recycling and use at the end of their useful life is costly and technically complex. In particular, boats made of composite materials based on fibreglass account for the vast majority of the fleet in EKP marinas and these materials are difficult to recycle. EKP...Read more

News 8 February, 2023 BDIH Get to know the assets of the BDIH: 5-axis multi-process milling cell, capable of very high speed operations

The emergence of  multitasking equipments in the industry has come along with the growing complexity of the components, with increasingly specialised geometries and new possibilities in terms of design and simulation that have led to the parallel development of new machining techniques to perform the operations and the need for this equipment by companies to achieve their objectives. This asset consists of two...Read more

Use cases 8 February, 2023 BDIH Improved cutting-edge radii for superfinishing of printed components in metal additive manufacturing

Metal Estalki is a company located in Zamudio which has been offering since 2001 its PVD coating services at a national level. The PVD coating is a small ceramic layer with a thickness of a few microns that provides tools an increase in surface hardness that improves their performance. The areas in which its clients operate are the automotive, stamping and machining, aeronautics and space, agrifood and...Read more

News 1 February, 2023 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Inspection/measurement robotic cell using non-destructive techniques
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Use cases 1 February, 2023 BDIH
Robotic palletising system for tyres
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Use cases 21 December, 2022 BDIH
Characterisation of micro-alloyed material for new industry applications
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News 21 December, 2022 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Equipment/Techniques/Methodologies for the study and evaluation of corrosion
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Use cases 14 December, 2022 BDIH
Analysis of the ability to characterise grinding burns and soft spots on camshafts with generic high-frequency sensors
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News 14 December, 2022 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Systems for mechanical properties and microstructure determination by magnetic non-destructive measurements
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News 25 November, 2022 Innovation
The Enterprise Europe Network offers Basque companies advice on technological development and the international commercialization of innovative products and services
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Invest in Basque Country - presentación sectorial alimentación
3 March, 2023 Invest in Basque Country

The food sector in the Basque Country, a great investment opportunity

The Basque Country, with a long culinary tradition, has become a benchmark in the production of high quality food and drink, as well as for innovation in food technologies and in promoting the local culinary heritage. Business development and boosting the setting up of new companies and businesses are two of the Basque Government's fundamental commitments to strengthen and grow the food and gastronomic value chain, which is a strategic sector for the Basque economy. The efforts to strengthen...Read more

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