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The Basque Country, one of the regions with the best reputation for doing business

In the Basque Country, we believe and invest in our companies. For more than 40 years, we have been engaged in a race to be competitive, with a high industrial concentration and intelligent specialisation. Thanks to the Basque Country's tax autonomy and tax system, we have regulatory and management capacity and, today, we are one of the regions with the best reputation for doing business.

Companies such as Giroa Veolia, Alstom, Thissenkrupp, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz and Siemens are already here. What about you?

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Main industrial sectors

The Basque Country, a pole of competitiveness in the main sectors

Basque industry has consolidated its commitment to efficiency, quality, technification and internationalisation, thanks to the industrial policy developed by the institutions. A good example of this are the clusters and their high levels of competitiveness, based on private collaborative management models.


The Basque Country’s automotive sector is innovative, competitive and comprehensive. Its high level of efficiency and effectiveness means that its management levels are comparable to the most advanced countries in the world.

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The energy sector in the Basque Country is strategic and highly dynamic throughout the value chain and in the manufacture of equipment or services for the installation and maintenance of energy infrastructures.

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Advanced Machinery

The Basque Country is ranked third largest producer in the European Union and its network of qualified suppliers is concentrated in a radius of less than 300Km.

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Electronics & ICT

The electronics and information and communication technologies sector boasts pioneering companies that support the transformation of companies with a view to increasing and fostering competitiveness through the application of technology.

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The Basque Country is a territory of customs and traditions closely linked to the sea. It is not surprising, therefore, that the maritime sector has an important weight in the Basque economy.

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The Basque rail industry is identified as one of the most pioneering, with solutions and services adapted to the specific requirements of each operator and project.

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The aeronautics industry is one of the strategic sectors in the Basque Country due to product development with high added value and the generation of qualified employment.

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The Basque Country is making a commitment to a new economic model based on the Circular Economy, facilitating the production of goods and services while reducing consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy sources.

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The biosciences sector has emerged as a successful move, able to add value and generate wealth for the Basque Country thanks to its heavy investment in R&D&I, the offer of highly qualified employment and the international focus.

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We participate in the great alliance to boost the technological ecosystem of the Basque Country

Basque Research
& Technology Alliance

BRTA was created to meet the industrial challenges of the Basque Country and to compete with large international leading corporations in technology research and development. This great alliance will be the spearhead of Basque research in Europe and the rest of the world, and the Spri Group is an active part of it.

Basque Research and Technology Alliance was established through a collaboration agreement between 16 technology centres and cooperative research centres belonging to the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, the Basque Government, the Provincial Councils of Alava, Biscay and Gipuzkoa and the SPRI Group.

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7 reasons to invest in the Basque Country  
Why invest in the Basque Country

The Basque Country has regulatory and management capacity thanks to its autonomous tax system

Two of the most important commitments of the Basque institutions are developing business and encouraging the creation of new companies and businesses. The instruments made available to people to create, develop and consolidate companies emerge from these commitments.

  • Refundable advances
  • Low interest loans
  • Tax incentives
  • Vocational training tailored to workers' needs
  • Grants for R&D projects
  • Mutual Guarantee Societies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Social Institutions
  • Specific Funds
  • Business Angels Network
  • Seed Funding
  • Research, development and innovation
  • Investments in Environment and Sustainability
  • Startups: Reduction in the tax base and purchase of shares by investment
  • Patents
  • Job creation
  • New non-current assets
  • Incentives related to financing

We accompany you at all times so that you can get the financing that your project needs.

We advise foreign investors who see the Basque Country as their best ally in Europe. Ready to do business in the Basque Country?

Contact us, and we will make your project a success: search for funding, partners, processing of grants, competitive intelligence service, relations with institutions and clusters in the sector.

The success of your project is our only goal

01_ Project development

We will provide you with reports with data tailored to your needs in order to make the first decisions and establish a strategy to speed up the administrative processes. We will also make a cost estimate and put you in touch with consultants who specialise in the areas you need.

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02_ Financial advice

We are the Basque Government Agency for the development of the company, and that allows us to be in a privileged position, with the capacity to personalise to the maximum the assistance we offer you. The Basque Country has its own tax system and fiscal autonomy, which is something you will not find in other regions, and here we will advise you so that you can get the financing that your project needs.

We will put you in touch with financial institutions and private investors



03_ Processing of grants

Do you want to benefit from all the financing programmes
and make the most of it?

We have the key to this, from the establishment of the company, to the maturation or consolidation phase. We find the programmes that fit your business and take care of the paperwork so you can benefit from them.

Let us do the job for you.

04_ Partners and clusters

Our experience and involvement give us the knowledge and access to each of the companies in the Basque Country. We can provide you with everything, from personal relationships to strategic alliances with those who fit your needs. Going hand in hand with us will also facilitate your access to public entities, universities, technology centres and research centres.

Introducing your technology partners

05_ Searching for a location

Get set up in the ideal place, in a place that allows you to grow, develop and create strategic alliances, in the industrial hubs and technology parks of Euskadi. We will look for the most strategic location for your project, in terms of logistics, business ecosystem or synergies, and we will negotiate to get you conditions and terms that are favourable to you.

We found you the best place
to set up your business


This is how we help you choose the location

Once you choose the right country for your business, some questions usually arise, such as: where should I set up? What is the best location for me? Where can I be more competitive?

It is normal to have all these doubts, which is why it is important to go hand in hand with an expert who understands the industrial fabric, who knows the ins and outs of the Basque Country's industrial centres and technology parks, as well as the companies that are located there. This is the only way to find the right place that will allow you to grow, develop and create strategic alliances.

When proposing the most suitable location, we will look for the industrial centre, technology park or business area that best suits your needs, and we will also look at the ecosystem of companies surrounding it, so that it can benefit you and help you improve your competitiveness or develop more innovative products. But, above all, we will look for locations where you can create strategic alliances and create synergies with technology centres, clusters and companies that complement the value chain

Once the location that best suits your needs has been found, it is time to choose the land. We will find the most suitable one according to the size of your company, the sector it belongs to and the services or products you offer.

We will accompany you in the following steps, put you in contact with all the real estate agents, both public and private, and advise you in the negotiations so that you get conditions and terms that are favourable to you.

Consultants and Sectoral Experts

Business opportunities

Contact our team, we have specialised consultants and sector experts. They work to offer you opportunities and advantages for companies like yours in the Basque market.

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