Connecting industrial companies and investors to boost the Basque ecosystem

For an industrial company to consolidate and grow, discovering new forms of financing can be a great opportunity. With BasKeep, investors and companies have it easier than ever. They can now meet in a single virtual space. Register your company on the first app capable of connecting you directly with your future investors and discover a world full of possibilities.

What it is

The first app capable of finding the ideal company to invest in

BasKeep is a simple, secure and confidential virtual space created for Basque industrial companies looking for new ways to grow their business. If you want to boost an activity, develop a new area of your company or simply strengthen its sustainability in the future, there are many options available to you. All you have to do is register on the first app that connects you with your future investors.

"BasKeep was launched as a pilot project in early 2022 and in such a short time of operation already has more than 60 investors and 30 industrial companies registered. In addition, it is backed by a team of experts with more than 35 years of experience in solutions to support the Basque business fabric"

Who it is for


BasKeep is looking for companies that want to grow, strengthen their business, diversify into new activities, ensure their sustainability in the short and long term or simply need help with a generational handover or to explore new forms of financing. If you are one of them, register and gain access to endless opportunities.

Learn about the advantages of joining BasKeep


The Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the most innovative and prolific in Europe. If you are looking for new investment opportunities, the new BasKeep app does it for you. A simple, secure and confidential space to identify promising businesses or those that need investment to continue growing. BasKeep identifies for you, instantly and according to your interests, companies willing to start a new adventure. If you want to have access to a large directory of Basque industrial companies looking for new forms of financing and open to new opportunities, just join the BasKeep community.

Want to become a BasKeep investor?

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For Basque industrial companies that...

Seek access to new opportunities with the help of a new investor

Are exploring new financing and capital proposals to develop a new activity, idea or line of business in their company

Need to recapitalise and strengthen their future

Want to transfer or sell their company to ensure its continuity

Seek to carry out a succession and/or generational handover

For investors who...

Are looking for one single platform where they can access new investment opportunities in the Basque Country

Are exploring new investment opportunities in the Basque Country

Need simplicity and speed in identifying companies segmented by activity sectors, status, interests and needs

Need accurate, verified and reliable information and data that facilitate decision making in corporate operations

Are looking for production units or companies to integrate into their activity

Want to always be aware of new investment opportunities

What it offers you

Simplicity and quick identification

When identifying available Basque companies that match the needs and interests of investors.

Interactivity and connectivity

A unique service capable of instantly making available a large directory of Basque industrial companies and providing a report with all the required information.

Credibility of information and verified data

The first app that provides data and information verified by a team of expert professionals and supported by the SPRI Group.

Security and confidentiality

It offers security for both parties, under a commitment to not provide confidential information to third parties without prior authorisation.

Advice and support

SPRI Group initiative to analyse the situations presented and offer the most viable and suitable alternatives for the parties.

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About the app

How does it work?

Baskeep is the first app of Basque industrial companies, supported by a public institution such as the Basque Business Development Agency of the Basque Government, the SPRI Group, capable of identifying and offering in a fast and agile way all the necessary information requested by investors interested in new opportunities in the Basque business network.

If you are an investor and you want to find your company, all you need to do is select:

  • Investment interests
  • Activity sectors
  • Company status or needs

And the information is obtained instantly, in just one click.

The matching process between company and investor is carried out in four simple steps:


New update
As if it were a social network feed, the platform automatically publishes a new anonymous advertisement in the "investment opportunities" area of BasKeep so that it can be easily identified by registered investors.


Express interest
A registered investor can consult the "investment opportunities" space and show interest by expanding the information of an anonymous advertisement.


Expert team analysis
The BasKeep team analyses the expression of interest in order to provide access to all the information about the company, maintaining anonymity between the parties.


If the investor wants to go ahead with the process once the extended information has been analysed, BasKeep puts the interested parties in contact with each other.