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Challenges 29 June, 2022 Environmental sustainability Soil Decontamination Challenge – GARBILAND Project

There are multiple techniques on the market for the recovery of contaminated soil. However, the option currently used in the majority of cases, not only in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (ACBC), but also in many other regions and countries, is excavation and landfill disposal. This is quicker and cheaper than other options, although it is environmentally unsustainable and inefficient, and does not...Read more

Use cases 21 June, 2021 Infrastructures Elimination of the “chatter” effect with the machining of flexible parts

Soraluce is a world leader company in milling, boring and turning technology, part of Danobat Group and located in Bergara (Guipuzcoa). The machining of slender parts creates two principal challenges: the appearance of self-excited vibrations or "chatter", and the appearance of geometric deformations due because of residual stress. Using IoT, AI, Big Data and Cloud technologies, Soraluce has developed a...Read more

Use cases 18 June, 2021 Infrastructures OEE monitoring to prevent events

Wolco is an SME dedicated to the manufacture of cutting tools located in Lemona (Biscay). Part of the AAMC (Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing Centre), and the HEGAN (Basque Aerospace Cluster). This company identified the need to know exactly how efficient the plant is in real time in order to be able to take measures and anticipate possible incidents. By incorporating IoT, Big Data and Cloud technologies, as well...Read more

News 8 June, 2020 Infrastructures
Additive Manufacturing 4.0: experiment and transform the way you conceive, design and manufacture your products
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Publications 14 May, 2020 Infrastructures
Materials 4.0: visualize your forging processes and improve component design
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News 7 April, 2020 Infrastructures
The Closing Word on… Robotics
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Publications 3 December, 2019 Infrastructures
Basque Cluster Day 2019 – Merete Daniel Nielsen. Speak peak on the latest trends on clusters.
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Publications 25 September, 2019 Infrastructures
S-Parcs European Project: news models of sustanainable energy cooperation and services in industrial parks
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News 3 April, 2019 Infrastructures
Aided by the SPRI Group, the British company Jasun Envirocare will open a manufacturing plant in Enkarterri to operate in southern Europe
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Ukraine's Recovery
26 July, 2022 Basque Trade & Investment

Ukraine Recovery Vision: «Strong European Ukraine is a “magnet” for international investment»

🟦🟨 From resilience to transformation Ukraine aims to accelerate the modernisation of economy and favour a transformation of the country allowing smoother integration and access into the European and G7 markets Government's phased reconstruction plan with 850 projects. Of these, 580 projects with $350 billion value are planned for 2023-2025, and 270 projects with $400 billion value are scheduled for 2026-2032 FULL PLAN: EU...Read more

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