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Test the technology before you invest in it. Get the full
experience and combine it with other technologies.
We have over 300 technological assets and provide expert
help and support throughout the process.

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

BDIH is a connected network providing Basque companies with assets and advanced manufacturing services for training, research, testing and validation of technology.

The network provides SMEs with the technological capabilities they need to rise to the challenges of smart industry, energy and health, and to be able to grow in a more digital and sustainable environment.

If you want to incorporate technology into your project to improve production, prevent cyber attacks or predict customer behaviour, among others, we provide a connected network of over 300 assets and advanced manufacturing services for training, research, testing and validation of technologies: additive manufacturing, flexible robotics, cybersecurity, digital finishing, advanced and sustainable materials, new materials, etc. An offer created to support SMEs when it comes to cutting-edge technologies, which promote their current digital and sustainable strategy, and which are difficult to access individually.

Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll create the most efficient plan to digitise your project.

If you want to learn about, test or develop digital and sustainable technologies. Contact us

What it offers you

We provide companies with infrastructure and know-how. Laboratories, equipment, software, scientific and technological capabilities and an expert team to support each project.

Technological and economic consultancy

• Technological and economic consultancy
• Technological needs assessment
• Collaboration and co-working
• Technology foresight
• Evaluation of economic viability
• Proof of concept

Design, prototyping and validation

• Conceptual design
• Simulation, solution architecture
• Security analysis
• Prototyping, programming and experimental validation
• Technology transfer for industrialization

Training (BDIH deep dive immersion days)

• Deep dives
• Demonstration/showroom
• Educational workshops

What we offer



A catalogue of over 300 technological assets

Search according to your needs and incorporate technologies to make the most of your business

Get to know it


BDIH Deep Dives: Immersion days

Fully test technology before you invest.

What kind of technology are you interested in?

Grupo 2793

Test it


BDIH Konexio grants allow you to try out the technology you need

Aid for experimenting with digital technologies in the Basque Digital Innovation Hub and in European Digital Innovation Hubs.


Do you need to learn about, test or develop digital and sustainable technology?

We provide you with equipment so that productive industrial companies and auxiliary companies that provide technical services for industry can grow and improve in the global market.

8 nodes to transform the capabilities of Basque SMEs through technology

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Smart and connected machines

Testing of advanced solutions for digital grinding. 12 organisations and more than 42 assets.


• Advanced forming
• Grinding and finishing technologies
• Machining and multitasking
• Precision machining and micromachining
• Digitisation and connectivity
• Other processes


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Digital electricity networks

Digitisation of networks for energy transition. 7 organisations and 12 assets.

• Product validation (HW/SW) for electrical networks
• Optimal network operation and demand management
• Integration of distributed generation and storage Microgrids
• Immersive systems and digital twins for electrical infrastructures
• Cybersecurity in electrical networks

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Additive manufacturing

Validation at all stages of the process. 14 organisations and more than 38 assets.


• Design for digital pre-process additive manufacturing
• Additive manufacturing processes
• Post-process
• Materials for additive manufacturing
• AM Digital Chain
• Supporting technology and processes
• Additive manufacturing process validation


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Flexible robotics

Experimentation for solving automation challenges. 9 organisations and more than 27 robots and sensors.


• Advanced manipulation with robots
• Logistics with autonomous mobile robots
• Flexibility and autonomy for robotic applications
• Quality control with robots
• Robotic manufacturing and assembly of components


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Medical devices and digital health

Digitisation for diagnostics and development of new applications and devices. 15 organisations and more than 50 assets.


• Electromedical devices
• Orthopaedic and rehabilitation technology
• In vitro diagnostics
• Laboratory equipment
• Medical imaging
• Digital health
• Biomedical consumables
• Additive manufacturing


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Advanced materials

Scaling of new functionalities and associated processes. 16 organisations and more than 69 assets.


• Design and development of materials
• Manufacturing processes
• Coating and surface solutions
• Advanced joints
• Materials and processes in the circular economy


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Data Driven Solutions

Demonstrating data-driven solutions for industry


• Knowledge of previously applied solutions and results for similar needs and industrial contexts
• Access to user experience and "previously implemented solutions" validated by international experts
• Accelerating the adoption of IOT, artificial intelligence, big data and the cloud, simulation and interaction, and cybersecurity


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Real environments for testing, operation simulation and cybersecurity training. 5 organisations and 7 laboratories.


• Risk and threat identification
• Asset protection
• Attack detection
• Attack response
• Asset recovery


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Who it is for

For SMEs that need:

  • To test technology in depth before investing in it.
  • To test or develop technology in laboratories and infrastructures.
  • Specific solutions for their project, using one or a combination of several technologies, recommended or designed by our expert team.

Digital and sustainable solutions already applied in industrial companies that serve as a reference for other SMEs.


We are connected

Invaluable networking: opportunities for SMEs.

The Basque Digital Innovation Hub is co-owned by R&D centres, vocational training centres and universities, and is supported by regional public institutions. It is internationally connected with other European HUBS.

Benefit from the entire knowledge of the Basque ecosystem and support from other international hubs.

BDIH brings together key players in the Basque and international ecosystem, offering support for digital and sustainable transformation.

// Advantages

3 reasons to incorporate advanced technologies and materials in your business

  • You will be able to test the technology before investing in it. Get to know it and see how it can improve processes and products in your company.
  • Financial aid and access to over 300 technological assets.
  • Permanent support from experts in each node who will study your specific needs. A team for training, research, testing and validation of all the technology we offer.
// FAQs

Frequently asked questions

The Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) is a non-profit initiative that responds to the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategy RIS3 Euskadi (defined and implemented within the framework of the Science and Technology Plan PCTI 2030 – RIS3 Euskadi and the Industrialisation Plan) to support the business fabric in the experimentation of digital and sustainable innovations. It is a connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services. Infrastructure for training, research, testing and validation available to companies. It is co-owned by R&D Centres, Vocational Training Centres and Universities and supported by regional public institutions. It is internationally connected with other European HUBs.
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Tell us about your need

Let us get to know you better. If you are looking to implement smart technologies and advanced materials that improve the efficiency of your company's production system to offer solutions with more added value, complete this form.

Contact us.

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Call us at: 900 929 393

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