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Metals and the forging of metals in the Basque Country have been widespread in our history and currently there are around 250 companies dedicated to forging and pressing in the Basque Country. Today, the Basque metalwork industry is highly interested in innovative techniques that allow the visualisation of metal manufacturing processes and the improvement of component design. Applied, these techniques respond to the need to produce new, lighter components with fewer defects and at a lower cost with better mechanical...Read more

  The SPRI Group, together with the BDIH and its Advanced Materials Node, describes in this article the technologies, solutions and services available for Basque companies to tackle the challenge inherent in replacing metal parts in their products with others made of composite or composite materials. Composites, as a term, has become familiar to many through the role they have played in supporting aeronautical innovation, replacing aluminium alloys and underpinning the performance of next generation aircraft such as the Airbus...Read more

Digitalisation 4 May, 2020
Materials 4.0: Combine new and different materials to meet the challenge of manufacturing parts

  In this article, SPRI Group, together with the BDIH and its Advanced Materials Node, shows manufacturing companies how to address...Read more

Basque Cluster Day 2019 – Merete Daniel Nielsen. Speak peak on the latest trends on clusters.   Merete Daniel Nielsen, President of TCI-Network and Director of Cluster Excellence...Read more

Innovation 18 November, 2019
A Guide to Opening and Sharing Data in the Business Environment

According to the European Commission, the direct market for open data will generate approximately 325,000 million euros in the period...Read more

Infrastructures 25 September, 2019
S-Parcs European Project: news models of sustanainable energy cooperation and services in industrial parks

  S-PARCS presents a sound concept for reducing energy costs and energy consumption in industrial parks, while, at the same time,...Read more

Cybersecurity 5 July, 2018
Glossary. The new words of the industry 4.0

Index: 1.- Additive Manufacturing 2.- Advanced Manufacturing 3.- Augmented Reality 4.- Basque Cyber Security Centre 5.- Basque...Read more

Digitalisation 24 April, 2018
Basque Industry 4.0. Digital Innovation Hub

The Basque Digital Innovation HUB Connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services Infrastructure for training, research,...Read more

Digitalisation 23 October, 2017
Basque Medical Devices Capacities Directory

Medical Devices and Digital Health sectors are multidisciplinary areas that need, for their development, many different capabilities and a...Read more

Digitalisation 6 March, 2017
Subsidies brochure 2017. We are here to support your project.

This document is a simple guide, designed to quickly find information about SPRI subsidy programmes that are or will be available in...Read more

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