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Tecnalia’s Manufacturing laboratory highly productive in composites is one of the assets of BDIH’s Advanced materials node. The laboratory applies advanced technologies to the different stages of composites manufacturing: cutting, stacking, wrapping, preformed 3D, fast warming and efficient tools, 4.0 processes and automatization solutions.   Through the BDIH Konexio program, Composites Martiartu has been able to access this Tecnalia’s Manufacturing laboratory highly productive in composites and develop a Prospective of "Sheet...Read more

Composites Martiartu is located in Arrigorriaga in the Martiartu Industrial Park. The company was born in the 2000 as Mecanizados Martiartu. Initially they were dedicated to the machining of thermosets, thermoplastics and small assemblies. In these more than 20 years they have multiplied by 10 the initial staff. They are specialized in manufacturing of SMC parts, for sectors such as transport, electrics, telecommunications, construction, automotive and railway. In recent years we have grown both in the number of people employed and in...Read more

News 29 December, 2021 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Product cybersecurity assessment laboratory
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Use cases 28 December, 2021 BDIH
Robustness test of industrial communications with Achilles platform
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News 27 December, 2021 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Research unit for superabrasive and multitasking machining
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Use cases 23 December, 2021 BDIH
Validation of cryogenic and digital i-becold® technology for eco-efficient processes
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Use cases 21 December, 2021 BDIH
Smart toolholder for cryogenic-based alternative cooling in multitasking cells
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News 20 December, 2021 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Blockchain Laboratory
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Use cases 16 December, 2021 BDIH
Traceability of cold logistics with blockchain
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Publications 8 May, 2020 BDIH
Materials 4.0: integrate composites into your design and manufacturing processes and drive the added value for your products
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