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Use cases 22 June, 2022 BDIH NPCP Platform Penetration Test

ZIV is a company born in 1992 dedicated to provide protection and control solutions withing the electric sector. Over time, the company incorporated the development of measurement and communication technologies with growing cybersecurity requirements at its...Read more

News 25 May, 2022 BDIH Get to know the assets of the BIDH: PVD pilot line coating facilities for industrial components of Tekniker

Tekniker offers Basque companies, via the BIDH, the possibility of developing by means of PVD technologies coatings for plastic and mechanical components as well as solar collectors with different properties depending on its industrial application. Through this asset, the companies can create coatings of different sorts: metallic decorative for plastic components; tribological for mechanical components as well as...Read more

Use cases 25 May, 2022 BDIH Study of the viability of surface modifications in parts manufactured using MJF technology

Bronymec is a company born in 1995 dedicated to the distribution and machining of polymers and composites. It targets a wide range of sectors such as rail, energy, machine tools, food and pharmaceuticals. Through this project, the company has decided to go beyond machining, opening up to applications for additive...Read more

News 12 May, 2022 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Parts development centre using Binder Jetting technology
Read more
Use cases 12 May, 2022 BDIH
Additive manufacturing of a refractory plate prototype for slide valve
Read more
News 27 April, 2022 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Advanced fabrication and characterization of biomaterials of CIC biomaGUNE
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Use cases 27 April, 2022 BDIH
Detection of SARS-CoV-2 viruses with graphene field effect transistors
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Use cases 20 April, 2022 BDIH
Preliminary demonstration for data analysis, processing and visualisation for welding processes
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News 6 April, 2022 BDIH
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Robotic system for flexible manipulation of objects and tools
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Use cases 6 April, 2022 BDIH
Bin picking technology to create new business units
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Ukraine's Recovery

Ukraine Recovery Vision: «Strong European Ukraine is a “magnet” for international investment»

🟦🟨 From resilience to transformation Ukraine aims to accelerate the modernisation of economy and favour a transformation of the country allowing smoother integration and access into the European and G7 markets Government's phased reconstruction plan with 850 projects. Of these, 580 projects with $350 billion value are planned for 2023-2025, and 270 projects with $400 billion value are scheduled for 2026-2032 FULL PLAN: EU...Read more

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    Energibasque. Executive Summary. Deployment of the Energy area RIS3 Basque Country.

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