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News 8 February, 2023 BDIH Innovation Máquinas inteligentes y conectadas BDIH

Get to know the assets of the BDIH: 5-axis multi-process milling cell, capable of very high speed operations

The University of the Basque Country offers Basque companies, via the BDIH, the possibility to have at their disposal a 5-axis multi-process milling cell, capable of very high-speed operations.

The emergence of  multitasking equipments in the industry has come along with the growing complexity of the components, with increasingly specialised geometries and new possibilities in terms of design and simulation that have led to the parallel development of new machining techniques to perform the operations and the need for this equipment by companies to achieve their objectives.

This asset consists of two elements: on the one hand, a milling machine allowing five-axis milling and turning operations, accompanied by an angular head with automatic robot loading from the reconfigurable storage area. On the other hand, a machining centre dedicated to complex five-axis milling and turning for large components with high cutting speeds, as well as grinding both with its own spindle and with an auxiliary spindle optimised for CBN grinding wheels.

In this way, thanks to this asset, companies will be able to benefit from the service of a platform for the development of complex machining in five axes; to combine in the same clamping and without the need for further movements of the component, operations of different nature integrating conventional processes with CBN grinding; and to carry out the internal monitoring of their drives in terms of power, as well as the external monitoring of the process, obtaining the absolute mechanical magnitude of the efforts that are taking place in the process.

Use case

Metal Estalki is a company based in Zamudio that has been providing PVD coating services nationwide since 2001. With customers in the automotive, machining and stamping, aerospace, agricultural, food and medical-surgical sectors, the company has achieved an important milestone for its business.

Through the asset of the Centre for Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing (CFAA) of the University of the Basque Country, Metal Estalki have been able to develop a proof of concept of an innovative treatment for use in finishing operations on superalloy parts used in aeronautics and produced by additive manufacturing. This has led to improved tool properties, the commercialisation of a new range of surface treatments and the opening of new markets for the company.

Don’t miss the video of Metal Estalki, where its Commercial Director, Jon Maté, and its R+D Director, Ibon Azkona, will tell us all the details of the case.

Furthermore, another of the success stories related to the use of this asset is from Loramendi company, founded 50 years ago and part of the Mondragon Group. This company, which focuses on developing foundry solutions for core making, vertical and service models, has managed to industrialise additive manufacturing, in this case 3D printing of inorganic cylinder head cores. This has led to the creation of a new automated and integrated production line, which also has a more optimised design, has increased the efficiency of the combustion engine and has considerably reduced gas and fuel emissions.

Find out all the details in Loramendi’s video, where its process and product manager, Gorka Páramo, and its foundry process technician, Imanol Basterretxea, explain the process followed to carry out the project.

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