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Given the speed of this globalised world we move in, at SPRI we know that it is essential to continue promoting the digitisation and continuous improvement of the Basque business fabric. We do this by driving the implementation of new tools such as Big Data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and other resources that can improve decision-making and processes, so that we continue to increase the added value we generate from our companies.

With this goal in mind, at Spri Group we work to develop the Basque Digital Agenda 2020, facilitating the competitive improvement of the Basque business fabric. And we do this by putting the necessary services, assets and aids at the service of our companies.


What we offer

If your company wants to know and address digital transformation projects that can improve its competitiveness, we have a large set of resources to promote the productive improvement of the Basque business fabric. We also have services to support entrepreneurs who want to develop new business models, based on the intensive use of the internet and digital tools, in the Basque Country.

Courses and training sessions
We carry out a wide variety of courses and training sessions oriented to the use of new technologies to improve the processes in your business and its communication.
Advice on subsidies.
We help you find and apply for subsidies and grants to implement new information and communication technologies that can improve the competitiveness of your company.
Joint digital projects
We accompany you in the search for travel companions to form Joint Digital Ventures and other strategic agreements that generate synergies between companies in the Basque Country.
Digital Entrepreneurship.
If you are looking to launch your own company, we can help you define, launch and consolidate your project based on new business models that make use of new technologies and the internet
Digital planning.
If you need to give your business a boost, we make it easy for you to access digital tools that help you improve the production process of your business and increase its added value.
We offer advice and support for the implementation of telework so that your team can work remotely while ensuring the security of communications.
We help you find solutions to improve the security of your business' strategic information and its protection from cyberattacks or data leaks.
Digital Marketing.
If you are looking to improve the communication of your business or access new market niches, we help you define the best digital strategy in line with your business model.
Digital transformation.
Digitise your company's information, internal organisation, or production processes securely and efficiently using the internet and digital tools.
Business Intelligence.
We help you implement and optimise the use of Business Intelligence tools such as Big Data Analytics or Artificial Intelligence to improve decision-making in your business.
Digital Society
Develop new digital business models based on the sharing economy, which are changing society in the way we consume and communicate.

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Para quién

El plan de Digitalización está fundamentalmente dirigido a las empresas y profesionales de Euskadi, con especial hincapié en ayudar a las pequeñas y medianas empresas y a los emprendedores que deseen implantar en su negocio tecnologías como el análisis de Big Data, el almacenamiento en la nube o el machine learning u otras que permitan abordar nuevos mercados o mejorar la organización interna o los procesos de la empresa.

Podemos ayudarte:

Si buscas impulsar y dotar de mayor valor añadido tus productos o servicios. Si buscas incorporar nuevas tecnologías inteligentes en tu producción. Si buscas llegar a nuevos mercados mediante a plataformas digitales Si buscas formación en la implantación y optimización del uso de las nuevas tecnologías.

Education and training in information and communication technologies, cybersecurity and industry 4.0

In collaboration with the various Provincial Councils and other bodies such as the Business and Innovation Centres and the technology parks of the Basque Country, SPRI Group develops the Enpresa Digitala initiative. Aimed at companies and professionals in the Basque Country, Enpresa Digitala aims to promote the improvement of the competitiveness of the Basque business fabric through training and aid to implement new information and communications technologies in production processes.

Maximum security for your company

Cybersecurity has proven to be an essential tool because of critical episodes that have put companies, administrations and businesses around the world at risk in recent times. The Basque Cybersecurity Centre is an initiative promoted by the Basque Government that aligns with agents of the Basque network of science, technology and innovation toprovide an effective response to these challenges and help companies in the Basque Country improve their competitiveness by protecting sensitive elements such as strategic information or intellectual property

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