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News 30 September, 2021 Digitalisation Innovation BDIH Industria inteligente Robótica Flexible y Colaborativa BDIH

Learn about the BDIH’s offer of 4.0 solutions in flexible robotics

October will be Flexible Robotics Month at the Basque Digital Innovation Hub. During the next few weeks we will present you a series of articles with the main solutions proposed by the members of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub for industrial needs related to flexible and collaborative robotics.

Flexible and collaborative robotics has established itself as a key element in the competitiveness of companies, especially in the SMEs, they need to automate their processes with flexible solutions that adapt quickly to changes in their manufacturing orders.

The modernization of production processes is directly related to efficiency and profitability, for that reason, companies are replacing manual processes with innovative mobile, flexible and collaborative industrial robots.

The SMEs will find in the Flexible and Collaborative Robotics Node of the BDIH, a one-stop-shop in which the main scientific and technological agents with capacities in this field collaborate together to offer the best service to companies in response to their needs. The members of this node are CEIT, Ideko, Innovalia, Lortek, Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Tecnalia, Tekniker, UPV/EHU and Vicomtech., companies that offer combinations of their assets to generate complete solutions to companies that request them.

Do you want to know more about the robotics node and how its solutions can help you to optimize your processes?. Visit our website or tell us about your need. The coordinator of the flexible robotics node will contact you and present the best proposal to incorporate digital and sustainable solutions.les.

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