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Bulgarian by birth, he was raised in the “country of roses” until he was a teenager and then studied abroad. Hristo Ognyanov Velikov majored in Translation and Interpreting and rounded out his education with a Master’s in translation and localisation of software and new technologies. This knowledge gave him access to the corporate world, where he also gained experience managing projects. Bilbao Ekintza gave him the opportunity to start his own business in the Basque Country. As a result, he now collaborates with companies like Basque...Read more

Hristo-Ognyanov make it global

  Marian Ibarrondo, of Invest in the Basque Country, the Basque initiative for foreign investment attraction, says that an investor can find a comprehensive supply chain for industry and services in the region   “We are an industrialised area, we are a competitiveness pole, we have the supply chain for any business, industry or services”, states Marian Ibarrondo, head of the Basque foreign investment attraction agency Invest in the Basque Country. The expert adds that for the European Union the Basque Country is one of...Read more

Interviews 28 November, 2017 Internationalisation
Iñaki Tellechea, Business Promotion Manager of Spri: “We are expensive, but we are reliable»
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Interviews 20 December, 2016 Invest in the basque country
Decidata sees the Bind 4.0 programme as an opportunity
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Interviews 7 December, 2016 Invest in the basque country
Innovae: “Companies that do not join Industry 4.0 may lose competitiveness”
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Interviews 17 July, 2015 Innovation
BH corporate intrapreneurship
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Interviews 30 June, 2015
EGILE corporate entrepreneurship
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Interviews 23 June, 2015
CAF corporate entrepreneurship
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