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Publications 2 February, 2022 Innovation R&D Energía Industria inteligente

Energibasque. Executive Summary. Deployment of the Energy area RIS3 Basque Country.

energibasque energías limpias

Basque RIS3 smart specialisation for the Energy sector is implemented through the EnergiBasque industrial technological development strategy.

The mission of the strategy is to support the consolidation of a competitive network of scientific-technological companies and players within the energy sector, thereby contributing to the smart specialisation of the Basque economy and becoming a source of wealth, employment and quality of life for the Basque Country.


Publications 29 June, 2022 Innovation
Soil Decontamination Challenge – GARBILAND Project
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Publications 27 April, 2022 Innovation
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Advanced fabrication and characterization of biomaterials of CIC biomaGUNE
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Publications 20 April, 2022 Innovation
Preliminary demonstration for data analysis, processing and visualisation for welding processes
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Publications 6 April, 2022 Innovation
Get to know the assets of the BDIH: Robotic system for flexible manipulation of objects and tools
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Publications 6 April, 2022 Innovation
Bin picking technology to create new business units
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