If you have a valuable idea, here is a team willing to go the extra mile

SPRI is committed to innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. It provides new business initiatives with the support they need, giving them comprehensive and flexible support tailored to their needs, so that they can successfully launch, grow and consolidate themselves in the market.

We prioritise technology-based and/or advanced innovation projects (Start-ups) in the industrial sectors, new industry 4.0 technologies (Big data, virtual/augmented reality, collaborative robotics, cybersecurity, Internet of things, 3D printing, etc.) and technologies applied to the fields of advanced manufacturing, energy and health.

The projects that pass through here end up being part of our daily life, and we could not be prouder when we see how they’re consolidated.

What it offers you

Entrepreneurs of the Basque Country: we have programmes and initiatives designed to support your business ideas


You want to know if you have a clear business idea



You have been told that you can access financing, but you do not know where to start


You have doubts when it comes to focusing your business plan and how to adapt it in your presentations


You are concerned because you do not know if your activity involves specific legal requirements


You have not had time to inform yourself on how to protect your industrial and intellectual property


You do not know the market where the activity will take place and you do not know your competition


You need help to make yourself known


You would like to expand your network of contacts and suppliers


Apply for grants to create and grow your startup!

Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Discover the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The new platform Up! Euskadi will facilitate data-driven policy and decision making, the sharing of cross-industry knowledge, and will foster the partnerships required to help the next generation of innovators succeed on the global stage.

This new database not only offers the most detailed picture of the Basque Country tech scene up until now but it’s also a collaborative project. Any startups, investor, or other ecosystem stakeholders can also add their company details themselves and enhance their profile providing open access to data for the community.

The platform is developed in collaboration with Dealroom, the leading provider of data on technology ecosystems in Europe and the world.

If you are part of the Ecosystem, join now!

Business and Innovation Centres (BICs)

Tell us about your project at the nearest Business and Innovation Centre (BIC)


C/ Albert Einstein, 15
Parque Tecnológico de Alava, 01510 – Miñano (Álava)
T. 945 298 282
Email: bicaraba@bicaraba.eus

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Sabino Arana 8
48013 Bilbao - Bizkaia
T. 944 395 622
Email: info@bicbizkaia.eus

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Avenida Altos Hornos de Vizcaya, 33
48901 Barakaldo (Bizkaia)
T. 94 418 41 00
Email: info@bicezkerraldea.eus

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Parque Tecnológico Gipuzkoa Paseo Mikeletegi, 83 - 20009 Donostia
T. 943 000 999
Email: bic@bicgipuzkoa.eus

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Edificio Fundación Tekniker C/ Iñaki Goenaga, 5. - 20600 Eibar
T. 943 000 999
Email: bic@bicgipuzkoa.eus

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Goiru Kalea 1, Edificio A, 4º - 20500 Mondragón
T. 943 712 072
Email: bicarrasate@bicgipuzkoa.eus

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We support, train and create an ecosystem that allows startups
to develop and acquire the necessary skills to address both the creation and the growth, consolidation and projection phases of their business.