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Publications 3 March, 2023 Invest in Basque Country The food sector in the Basque Country, a great investment opportunity Invest in Basque Country - presentación sectorial alimentación

The Basque Country, with a long culinary tradition, has become a benchmark in the production of high quality food and drink, as well as for innovation in food technologies and in promoting the local culinary heritage. Business development and boosting the setting up of new companies and businesses are two of the Basque Government's fundamental commitments to strengthen and grow the food and gastronomic value...Read more

Publications 24 February, 2023 Invest in Basque Country Investing in the Basque aviation sector: innovation and growth guaranteed

The Basque Country is a region with a long track record in the aviation sector. Leading companies such as ITP Aero, Aernnova and Sener Aeroespacial are based in the Basque Country, which is proof of the region's importance in the aerospace industry. Furthermore, their presence has attracted a large number of suppliers, which has generated an entire value chain in the region. Thanks to its experience and to its...Read more

News 10 January, 2023 Invest in Basque Country 65% of foreign companies established in the Basque Country plan to increase their turnover by 2023

According to the Barometer of Invest In The Basque Country 2022-2023 on business expectations for 2023 and the existing Business Climate in the Basque Country, 64% of Basque companies with foreign capital in the Basque Country expect to increase their turnover next year, while 26% estimate that their sales will stay the same. Regarding to the evolution of employment, 44% of the companies surveyed to increase...Read more

News 1 November, 2021 Entrepreneurship
‘Syngoi Technologies’: Columbus VP creates a new company in Bizkaia for synthetic DNA production
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News 2 December, 2020 Invest in Basque Country
German company “FEV Consulting” opens an Operations Centre in Bilbao
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News 28 May, 2020 Entrepreneurship
The Basque Government participates in the Research and production project for the vaccine against COVID 19, together with Harvard and the company VIRALGEN
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News 11 February, 2020 Invest in Basque Country
The Financial Times ranks the Basque Country as the most attractive medium-sized European region in its strategy to attract foreign investment
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News 22 January, 2020 Invest in Basque Country
Companies have a guide to investing in the Basque Country
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News 15 April, 2019 Innovation
A prestigious management training centre opens its first European office in Bilbao
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News 3 April, 2019 Infrastructures
Aided by the SPRI Group, the British company Jasun Envirocare will open a manufacturing plant in Enkarterri to operate in southern Europe
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16 January, 2024 Environmental sustainability

Emission-free pulp and paper: roadmap for the decarbonisation of the Basque paper industry by 2050

The SPRI Group's Net-Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster initiative has unveiled the roadmap for the decarbonisation of the Basque paper sector by 2050. Along with steelmaking, smelting, cement and refinery, this industry is among the 5 that account for nearly 68% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Basque Country. The report concludes that the transition towards net-zero emissions of the sector will benefit from the development of technological measures focused mainly on energy...Read more

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