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News 10 January, 2023 Invest in the basque country 65% of foreign companies established in the Basque Country plan to increase their turnover by 2023

According to the Barometer of Invest In The Basque Country 2022-2023 on business expectations for 2023 and the existing Business Climate in the Basque Country, 64% of Basque companies with foreign capital in the Basque Country expect to increase their turnover next year, while 26% estimate that their sales will stay the same. Regarding to the evolution of employment, 44% of the companies surveyed to increase...Read more

News 1 November, 2021 Entrepreneurship ‘Syngoi Technologies’: Columbus VP creates a new company in Bizkaia for synthetic DNA production

Today Columbus Venture Partners announces the creation of Syngoi Technologies, a biotechnology company engaged in the production of synthetic DNA through a new enzymatic process, owned by the company, that addresses the needs of advanced therapies where DNA is the fundamental starting material. This is the case of gene therapy and mRNA-based vaccines, emerging therapeutic strategies where manufacturing is an...Read more

News 2 December, 2020 Invest in the basque country German company “FEV Consulting” opens an Operations Centre in Bilbao

FEV is a leading international independent service provider in the field of vehicle development, as well as hardware and software for propulsion systems. The company was founded more than 40 years ago as a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University. The subsidiary FEV Consulting is a multinational engineering-consulting company for mobility and transport.   FEV Consulting, based in Aachen, combines the...Read more

News 28 May, 2020 Entrepreneurship
The Basque Government participates in the Research and production project for the vaccine against COVID 19, together with Harvard and the company VIRALGEN
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News 11 February, 2020 Invest in the basque country
The Financial Times ranks the Basque Country as the most attractive medium-sized European region in its strategy to attract foreign investment
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News 22 January, 2020 Invest in the basque country
Companies have a guide to investing in the Basque Country
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News 15 April, 2019 Innovation
A prestigious management training centre opens its first European office in Bilbao
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News 3 April, 2019 Infrastructures
Aided by the SPRI Group, the British company Jasun Envirocare will open a manufacturing plant in Enkarterri to operate in southern Europe
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News 12 March, 2019 Digitalisation
In Cannes, the SPRI Group General Manager receives the Financial Times award for the Basque Country as an attractive region for foreign investment
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News 28 January, 2019 Entrepreneurship
Columbus launches a €70 million fund for biomedicine
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Ukraine's Recovery
26 July, 2022 Basque Trade & Investment

Ukraine Recovery Vision: «Strong European Ukraine is a “magnet” for international investment»

🟦🟨 From resilience to transformation Ukraine aims to accelerate the modernisation of economy and favour a transformation of the country allowing smoother integration and access into the European and G7 markets Government's phased reconstruction plan with 850 projects. Of these, 580 projects with $350 billion value are planned for 2023-2025, and 270 projects with $400 billion value are scheduled for 2026-2032 FULL PLAN: EU...Read more

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