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News 22 January, 2020 Invest in the basque country

Companies have a guide to investing in the Basque Country

The document has been prepared by the SPRI Group and the company Sayma

The document has been prepared by the SPRI Group and the company Sayma

Companies have a guide to making , prepared by the SPRI Group (the Basque business development agency) and the company Sayma. The document, available in several languages, provides a detailed overview of the business opportunities in the Basque Country.


Thus, the operation of the clusters, the innovation system or the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, as well as the Basque tax system itself, are outlined. In addition, information is given about the legal and regulatory requirements and the different ways for a foreign company to register in the Basque Country.


All this is complemented by data on labour law, existing taxes and fees or business obligations.


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