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Up! Euskadi

The smart platform that positions startups and Basque entrepreneurship agents in the global innovative and technological ecosystem

Up! Euskadi

Interactive platform for the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The Basque Government, through the SPRI Group, in its efforts to promote entrepreneurship as one of the key endeavours to generate employment, wealth and innovation in the territory, has launched its own online database for the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

The new Up!Euskadi platform, based on innovative machine learning and data engineering technology, provides valuable information, gives visibility to startups and all the agents of the Ecosystem, and positions the Basque Country as a Hub for advanced entrepreneurship.

Startups, investors or ecosystem agents can add their organisation's details and enhance their profile by providing open access to their information for the entire community.

It is developed in partnership with Dealroom, the leading provider of data intelligence linked to technology ecosystems in Europe and the world. It also offers a global vision of the ecosystem, its evolution and the real impact of the policies implemented.

A key source of intelligence, which will foster the connections necessary for startup development and cross-industry knowledge sharing.

Previous edition figures


technology-based and/or innovative companies


people employed in the last 8 years

+0 M€

turnover in the ecosystem


of startups have a B2B focus


are aligned with the priority areas of the Basque Country's RIS3 Strategy

What it offers you

Up! Euskadi offers you

The new Up!Euskadi platform provides valuable information, gives visibility to startups and all the agents of the Ecosystem, and positions Euskadi as a Hub for advanced entrepreneurship.

  • Find promising companies to collaborate with.
  • Select the best partners from a significant number of companies.
  • Location by sector, size, professionals, and technology.

Discover relevant investors for each stage of your startup with the Matching tool.

  • A detailed overview of Basque Startups, segmented by territory, sector, technology or business model.
  • An overview of the agents and the impact of their initiatives.
  • News from the most valued companies in the ecosystem.
  • And news about the latest investment rounds.

Aid, funds, mentoring, incubators or accelerators, accompaniment and support, legal advice, training, technology testing laboratories, etc.

Just let us know what we can contribute, and we'll get right to it.

A source of information and trends for decision-making. Up!Euskadi helps professional investors, companies and agents to discover and follow the most innovative Basque startups.

Let’s talk about you, your new products, alliances, or technological advances. There are already more than 20,000 subscribers who receive information about startups in the Basque Country, and the number of clicks on the companies is growing daily.

Up! Euskadi Plataforma para emprendedores
For whom it is

For Startups

  • Who want to gain visibility so that investors and potential customers can easily find them.
  • Who are looking for customers, investors and partners, as the tool uses powerful filters and queries to actively find the main players in the ecosystem.
  • Who are interested in accessing investors to scale their project.
  • Or who want to place themselves on the global talent radar of emerging companies.

For companies and investors

  • Startup identification: Using a powerful search engine, they identify and learn about startup solutions through which to incorporate technological innovation into their products and processes.
  • Who want to achieve greater visibility: Both the startups themselves and the other agents in the ecosystem will be able to easily find each other.

For ecosystem agents

  • Who are seeking to increase their visibility to position themselves as key players in the ecosystem and to highlight their support for startups and the impact of their initiatives.


of technology-based and/or innovative start-ups were supported by the Basque public business incubation centres (BICs)


were created with the help of the Ekintzaile programme, which has granted subsidies worth €10 M and has managed to mobilise around €55 M


ecosystem companies have had the opportunity to develop technological projects with major corporations through BIND 4.0


mobilised in the last 3 years by the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem


5 reasons to register on Up!Euskadi

  • Position yourself or your business on the radar of customers, funders and investors.
  • Discover all the resources that are launched for startups before anyone else.
  • Promote your project by reaching more than 20,000 companies.
  • Choose partners to collaborate with.
  • Have access to your market trends.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Solve your doubts

Currently, this is the aid we offer in the field of Smart Industry:

Basque Tek Ventures is an itinerary specially designed to support the creation of deep-tech start-ups. It seeks to be a catalyst for new business projects based on the most innovative technologies from the centres belonging to the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).

In collaboration with BRTA and the BICs, Basque Tek Ventures accelerates the marketing of the most promising technologies and the creation of new business fabric through a mentored process for the creation and acceleration of new technology-based start-ups.

Basque Tek Ventures is mainly aimed at:

  1. Centres belonging to the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) that are looking to convert their technological assets into new business projects.
  2. Experienced entrepreneurs looking to embark on the adventure of creating a deep-tech start-up.
  3. Investors and companies interested in new investment opportunities.

The initiative is led by the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment through its development agency SPRI, in collaboration with BRTA and the Basque BICs.

It is aimed at startups, companies, investors, and agents who are present/active in the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Apply here

Do you want to be part of the Basque Country's Advanced Entrepreneurship Hub?

Startup, investor or ecosystem player, if you're interested... write to us! Or register directly here

  • SPRI-Basque Business Development Agency, as data controller, collects your personal data for the provision of services related to our programmes and services. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time, object to the processing, access, rectify and delete your data, as well as other rights, by sending an e-mail to the address You can also find the additional and detailed information on Data Protection in the Privacy Policy section. By clicking "Send" you consent to the processing of your data in the terms indicated.

Contact us.

This is the basque company customer service line

Call us at: 900 929 393

The strategy

The Basque Country is an important hub for technological entrepreneurship, with more than 900 technology-based startups. It runs international entrepreneurship programmes capable of attracting the best startups from all over the world to develop solutions with higher added value.

The Basque Government, through SPRI Group, is strengthening its Up! Euskadi brand by creating this new platform, which not only offers the most detailed picture of the Basque Country's technology landscape to date, but is also a collaborative project.

Thanks to this, greater data accuracy and transparency is generated, not only improving the connectivity of the local Basque ecosystem, but also helping to position the Basque Country as a promising technology and innovation hub.

Download the Entrepreneurship Strategy here


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