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Publications 3 March, 2023 Invest in Basque Country

The food sector in the Basque Country, a great investment opportunity

The food sector in the Basque Country is one of the most important of the Basque economy, and one of the most interesting investment areas in Europe at present.
Invest in Basque Country - presentación sectorial alimentación

The Basque Country, with a long culinary tradition, has become a benchmark in the production of high quality food and drink, as well as for innovation in food technologies and in promoting the local culinary heritage.

Business development and boosting the setting up of new companies and businesses are two of the Basque Government’s fundamental commitments to strengthen and grow the food and gastronomic value chain, which is a strategic sector for the Basque economy. The efforts to strengthen this sector is delivering results, with a food industry that is steadily growing and evolving.

Key figures for the sector

The Basque Country currently has over 2,020 establishments engaged in the production, processing and marketing of food and drink, and which generate over 15,235 jobs. Furthermore, the sector contributes over €1,036.3 million to the GDP of the region, which is 1.4% of the total Basque GDP. The turnover of the sector has risen to €4,840.5 million, making it one of the main economic sectors of the region. Furthermore, the food industry in the Basque Country is focused on exporting, with exports totalling €942 million and it is present in over 130 countries. With those figures in mind, it is easy to see why the food sector is an excellent opportunity for investors who are looking for growth and expansion opportunities.

The food industry in the Basque Country is noted for its great diversity and quality, with products ranging from meat and fish to dairy and canned items, and wine. This variety results in a sophisticated and extensive value chain, comprising both small producers and large international companies, with a great capacity for innovation and a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

Investment in the food sector of the Basque Country offers multiple opportunities for established companies and new investors alike. Established companies can harness the strengths of the sector to expand their presence in the region or abroad, by innovating or diversifying their products and services. In turn, new investors can take advantage of the Basque Country’s privileged position on the European and global food and drink market to find their niche in the region and grow alongside the Basque food industry.

The Basque Country’s location, in the centre of Europe and within easy reach of the region’s main ports and airports, along with its large network of infrastructures and services are other key factors that make the region an ideal destination for investors in the food sector.

32 Michelin stars in the Basque Country

The Basque Country’s internationally renowned culinary culture is a crucial factor for investing in the region’s food sector. Thanks to restaurants of the ilk of Arzak, Berasategi, Subijana, Atxa and Aduriz and a long list of first-rate chefs, the Basque Country is the territory with the greatest concentration of Michelin Stars in the world, with 24 restaurants holding this distinction.

The Basque Culinary Center is a trail-blazing institution in the training of culinary professionals. This university faculty in San Sebastián is engaged in research and training in the field of food and gastronomy. The presence of this institution in the Basque Country reflects the region’s commitment to the training of first-class professionals in the food sector, which ensures a constant source of talent and creativity for the sector’s companies.

Furthermore, the Basque Government is working on promoting Basque culinary heritage as a quality and prestige brand, which is resulting in an increasing number companies interested in partnering up with the region and using the “Euskadi/Basque Country” brand to promote its products and services.

If you are interested in investing in the food sector in the Basque Country, please download our presentation, where you will find detailed information about the sector, its main economic indicators, investment opportunities and growth and development possibilities. The document provides a comprehensive picture of the sector and its potential, along with details of the factors that make it attractive for investors. We also showcase some of the most innovative companies and projects of the sector, where you can learn first-hand about the creativity and talent for which the region is noted in the culinary world. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about a booming sector and discover how you can be part of its success!

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