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Publications 24 February, 2023 Invest in Basque Country

Investing in the Basque aviation sector: innovation and growth guaranteed

The Basque Country is considered a hub of excellence in the sector given its experience, the concentration of suppliers, its level of internationalisation and its major technology and R&D plans.

The Basque Country is a region with a long track record in the aviation sector. Leading companies such as ITP Aero, Aernnova and Sener Aeroespacial are based in the Basque Country, which is proof of the region’s importance in the aerospace industry. Furthermore, their presence has attracted a large number of suppliers, which has generated an entire value chain in the region.

Thanks to its experience and to its ability to innovate, the Basque Country is a leader in the aviation sector. In fact, 15% of the turnover of the Spanish aerospace industry and 1% of the European is from the Basque Country. This clearly indicates the region’s important in the European aerospace industry.

Aviation companies with a strong international presence

Another important factor that makes the Basque Country an attractive place for investors is its high level of internationalisation. The Basque companies of the sector are present internationally with 56 production facilities in Spain and 30 abroad, in countries including Brazil, China, Germany, India, Malta, Mexico, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom and the United States. This international presence allows Basque companies to access new markets and diversify their revenue.

The Basque Country also has a large number of different sized companies in the aerospace sector. There are 4 TIER 1s operating in the territory and which produce aero-structures, engines and components for space. There are also 9 medium-sized companies manufacturing sub-assemblies and equipment, and providing engineering and advanced services. Finally, there are 39 SMEs engaged in the production of components, parts, special processes, tools, advanced services, equipments, and so on.

The presence of all these companies in the Basque Country is a great pull for investors, as it shows the region’s capacity to generate a diverse and robust business ecosystem. In fact, foreign investment is present in companies throughout the sector’s value chain, both through new set-up (greenfield) and merger or acquisition ( brownfield) projects. An entire value chain has thus been developed in the region and which includes research and development, and aircraft production and maintenance.

Talent: a key to the success of the Basque aviation industry

The Basque Country also boasts a huge amount of talent in the aerospace sector. The region has universities offering first-rate training in engineering and science, thanks to which companies attract and retain the best professionals. The Basque Country is also a benchmark in Vocational Education and Training within the EU.

Furthermore, there are many R&D stakeholders working closely with the companies of the aerospace sector to develop innovative technologies and processes.

If you would like to learn more about the investment opportunities in the aerospace sector in the Basque Country, we recommend downloading our presentation with all the information that we have outlined, along with other value indicators for investors. The document has detailed information on the most important companies and projects in the regions, the trends and challenges in the sector, along with an overview of the business climate in the Basque Country. Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about the aerospace sector in one of Europe’s most prosperous and technologically advanced regions. Download our document and discover the investment opportunities that the Basque Country has to offer.

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