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Use cases 1 August, 2023 BDIH Innovation Máquinas inteligentes y conectadas BDIH

Industrialisation of 3D printing for the manufacture of inorganic sand cores for aluminium cylinder heads for the automotive industry


Loramendi is a company founded 50 years ago and belongs to the Mondragon Group. Its work is focused on offering foundry solutions for core making, vertical model and service. Thanks to this work they are able to provide assistance and spare parts to national and international customers.


The company faced the challenge of industrialising additive manufacturing, in this case, of inorganic sand cores for aluminium cylinder heads. In order to meet this need, Loramendi had to design and manufacture innovative equipment and plan the logistics and quality assurance to create a new production line and the quality assurance to create a new automated and integrated production line.

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Additive manufacturing

Company size:





Vitoria (Araba)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • More optimised design
  • Increased combustion engine efficiency
  • Reduced exhaust and fuel emissions

Incorporated Technologies:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Inorganic processing
  • Digitalisation

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