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Use cases 21 June, 2023 BDIH Innovation Robótica Flexible y Colaborativa BDIH

Improved fruit and vegetable detection through machine vision and real-time image analysis software library


Grabit is a company founded in 2019 that works in the field of machine vision. Its aim is to provide cost efficient solutions for the retail sector that improve the efficiency of processes, for example, in supermarkets. This work constitutes improved customer experience, new business models and increased efficiency.


The company wanted to improve the detection of fruits and vegetables based on a supermarket scale prototype they had already developed. By achieving this goal, they were also looking for ir to be an available commercial product.

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Cost efficient solutions for the retail sector

Company size:





Bilbao (Bizkaia)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Improvement on the product detection and accuracy
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Obtaining a marketable product

Incorporated Technologies:

  • Real time image analysis software library (Viulib)
  • Prototypical neural networks

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