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Challenges 29 June, 2022 Environmental sustainability Soil Decontamination Challenge – GARBILAND Project

There are multiple techniques on the market for the recovery of contaminated soil. However, the option currently used in the majority of cases, not only in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (ACBC), but also in many other regions and countries, is excavation and landfill disposal. This is quicker and cheaper than other options, although it is environmentally unsustainable and inefficient, and does not...Read more


24 February, 2023 Invest in Basque Country

Investing in the Basque aviation sector: innovation and growth guaranteed

The Basque Country is a region with a long track record in the aviation sector. Leading companies such as ITP Aero, Aernnova and Sener Aeroespacial are based in the Basque Country, which is proof of the region's importance in the aerospace industry. Furthermore, their presence has attracted a large number of suppliers, which has generated an entire value chain in the region. Thanks to its experience and to its ability to innovate, the Basque Country is a leader in the aviation sector. In...Read more

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