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Use cases 26 October, 2021 Digitalisation Innovation BDIH

Components control, diagnosis and monitoring system


Goizper is a co-operative group of approximately 350 workers created here in Antzuola and currently consists of three business units: The Spraying Division, the Biotechnology Division and the power transmission components division. From the point of view of product innovation, one of the challenges Goizper is facing, and specifically the business division related to power transmission components, is the minimisation of the failures that our components may have in our customers’ different machinery or equipment.


Components are critical pieces in different machines and different production lines of a lot of industrial manufacturers in the world.

Therefore, the ability to foresee which incidents are going to occur is key to preventing the machines from stopping. For more than five years now, Goizper has been working with different technology centres to provide components, which were basically mechanical, with digitalisation that allows their control and to diagnose what is going to happen over time. The result of this work is called Smart-G system, a diagnostic and monitoring system specifically designed for the control and prevention of errors in their own products.

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Components manufacturing

Company size:





Antzuola (Gipuzkoa)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • The increased availability of our components and consequently of the machines
  • Management and control of the health of these components
  • Control of the wear on friction components
  • Online control and maintenance
  • Greater knowledge over time of the operation of our equipment

Incorporated Technologies:

  • Cloud

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