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The Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) is a non-profit initiative that responds to the Basque Smart Specialisation Strategy RIS3 Euskadi (defined and implemented within the framework of the Science and Technology Plan PCTI 2030 – RIS3 Euskadi and the Industrialisation Plan) to support the business fabric in the experimentation of digital and sustainable innovations. It is a connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services. Infrastructure for training, research, testing and validation available to companies. It is co-owned by R&D Centres, Vocational Training Centres and Universities and supported by regional public institutions. It is internationally connected with other European HUBs.

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Dictionary of Basque SMEs

It is a specialised dictionary where you will find all the words and concepts related to Basque SMEs.
New concepts are created and existing ones are updated continuously.
For this reason, it is essential to keep track of all these innovations, establishing both the content of the concepts and the terms for which they are designated, collecting them and publishing them in a common space. In this way, people who in one way or another work in the field of the New Industry will have a new work tool that will help us in our daily work.

To create this resource, the SPRI Group has collaborated with the Language and Technology Unit of Elhuyar, which has developed this dictionary.


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