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Invest in the Basque Country Services

If you are considering setting up in the Basque Country or expanding capacities in projects that are already underway, we will give you all the support you need and guarantee the viability of your investment.

Services and aid for investment in the Basque Country

We advise foreign investors who see the Basque Country as their best ally in Europe. Are you ready to do business in the Basque Country?

Invest in the Basque Country works to ensure that your project is a success: search for financing, partners, processing of aid, competitive intelligence service, relations with institutions and clusters in the sector.

Once a company decides which country to locate its business in, some doubts arise, such as, for example, which is the best location for my project? Where can I be more competitive? How do I access local suppliers?

It is therefore important to work with an expert who is familiar with the industrial fabric, who knows the ins and outs of industrial clusters, as well as the support tools from which they can benefit.

SPRI Group, through the one-stop shop, Invest in The Basque Country, offers you the accompaniment and support you need to enter and consolidate your business in the Basque Country.

This is the only way to find the keys to grow, develop and create strategic alliances.


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Investment in the projects we have supported during 2021

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New employment induced by establishment projects managed in 2021

What it offers you

Support services for investing safely in the Basque Country

01_ Project development

We provide you with customised data reports to make the first decisions and build a strategy that speeds up the administrative processes. We also make a cost estimate and put you in contact with consultants specialised in the areas you need.

Make your project even better with Invest in the Basque Country

02_ Financial consultancy

We are the Basque Government Agency for the development of the company and that allows us to be in a privileged position, with the capacity to fully maximise the service we offer you. The Basque Country has its own financial system and fiscal autonomy that you will not find in other regions, and here we advise you so that you can obtain the financing your project needs.

We will put you in contact with financial institutions and private investors

03_ Processing of aid

Do you want to benefit from all the financing programmes and make the most of them?

We have the key to this, from the location of the company to the maturation or consolidation phase. We look for the programmes that fit your business and we take care of the paperwork so that you can benefit from them.

Let us do that work for you

04_ Partners and clusters

Our experience and involvement give us the knowledge and access to every company in the Basque Country. We can facilitate everything from personal relationships to strategic alliances with those that meet your needs. Working hand in hand with Invest will also give you access to public entities, universities, technology centres and research centres.

Let us introduce you to your technology partners

05_ Search for a location

Locate yourself in the ideal place that allows you to grow, develop and create strategic alliances, in the industrial hubs and technology parks of the Basque Country. We look for the most strategic location for your project, in terms of logistics, business ecosystem or synergies, and we negotiate the conditions and terms that favour you.

We will find you the best place to set up your business

06_ Business opportunities

Contact our team, we have specialised consultants and sector experts. They work to offer you opportunities and advantages for companies like yours in the Basque market.

We know what needs there are in the Basque Country and we bring them to you

How it works

How do we support the establishment and consolidation of companies in the Basque Country?

• Sectoral information with Experts (Clusters)
• Business development processes (regulations, taxation, industrial and intellectual property, markets, etc.)
• Organisation and coordination of agendas: meetings and visits to companies and institutions.
• Search for partners in the Basque Country: companies, clusters, etc.

• Identification of strategic and technological partners for each project.
• Finding the best location for each project.
• Information on aid and subsidies applicable to investment projects.
• Finance and investor relations.

• Business development advice and specialised consultancy through collaborating institutions.
• Selection and training of workers through the Basque Government’s employment services.
• Cooperation with industrial clusters and other entities located in the Basque Country.
• Cooperation with the Basque Science and Technology Network. Contract research assistance.

Business development and promoting the creation of new companies and businesses are two of the most important commitments of Basque institutions. The instruments for creating, developing and consolidating companies derive from these commitments.

• Specific public funds for each stage of a company’s life cycle
• Proactive private funds to invest in companies
• Tax incentives and deductions

• Local Administrations
• Other public entities: (Basque Energy Board [Ente Vasco de la Energía], IHOBE, etc.)
• Infrastructures: in Industrial Parks (manufacturing), Technology Parks (R&D+i) and Incubators (spin offs).
• Venture Capital and Financial Institutions.
• Industrial Clusters and Associations.
• Research and Innovation Centres (Contract Research), Universities: Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network
• Consultants and Advisers

Have you seen if we have an office in your country?

We have a group of international experts in over 70 countries and 18 offices of our own. A highly consolidated exterior network with more than 20 years of experience.

Who it is for


For foreign companies with a new establishment project in the Basque Country
that need to generate links with the Basque industrial ecosystem, know the sectoral value chain, access strategic locations or study suppliers and customers, and want a free and ad hoc study of productive establishment in the Basque Country.


For companies established in the Basque Country with foreign capital
that are considering expanding their capacities, making new investments or maintaining their production plants and R&D units in the Basque Country and want to guarantee the best support from public institutions.


6 reasons for you to contact Invest, the unique gateway to the Basque Country

  • Maximum proximity to the administration, direct contact with public institutions
  • Support no matter what phase you are in, implementation or consolidation.
  • We do the paperwork for you
  • High linkage with the public and private R&D+i ecosystem, so that you can find technological partners.
  • The Basque Country is a competitive hub in the main sectors and Invest will give you access to them.
  • Facilities to help you get the financing your project needs
Frequently Asked Questions

Solve your doubts

Invest in the Basque Country is the department of the Business Promotion Area of SPRI where we support companies from outside the Basque Country that see the Basque Country as an ideal location to develop their business, thanks to its ecosystem and industrial development.

After an initial meeting where you inform us of the needs of the project, we will present you with the support tools available to you from the different public organisations, and we will introduce you to all the necessary figures to ease the development of the project.

Of course, we will look for the best location under the needs that you communicate to us to develop your business in the Basque Country.

Contact Invest in the Basque Country and tell us what needs you have for the development of your company in the Basque Country and we will look for the support tool that best fits your case.

Contact Invest in the Basque Country and tell us what type of partners you are looking for. We will help you find the best partner for your project.

Request here

Ready to enter the Basque Country?

We guarantee support and access to the best resources available.

From the moment you send us your details, we will accompany, advise and help you with all the decisions, procedures and aspects you need so that every step you take allows you to establish or grow your project in the Basque Country.

  • SPRI-Basque Business Development Agency, as data controller, collects your personal data for the provision of services related to our programmes and services. You are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time, object to the processing, access, rectify and delete your data, as well as other rights, by sending an e-mail to the address You can also find the additional and detailed information on Data Protection in the Privacy Policy section. By clicking "Send" you consent to the processing of your data in the terms indicated.

Contact us

Basque company customer service line

Call us at: 900 929 393

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