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Challenges 17 May, 2023 Environmental sustainability Innovation Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI)

Sustainable Shipbuilding Challenge – Ekpboat Project

PRELIMINARY MARKET CONSULTATION.The EKPboat innovation procurement action aims to accelerate the development of environmentally sustainable manufacturing and operating technologies for small recreational and/or professional boats.

The marinas managed by EKP are occupied to a high degree by boats whose construction has historically generated a large amount of waste and whose recycling and use at the end of their useful life is costly and technically complex. In particular, boats made of composite materials based on fibreglass account for the vast majority of the fleet in EKP marinas and these materials are difficult to recycle.

EKP currently has the need to acquire its own boats for harbour work and aims to produce and operate them with the least possible impact on the environment.

The main technical challenges to be addressed in the technological development phases can be expressed in terms of:

  • Construction: Finding the most suitable materials for the construction of the vessel (hull + structure + deck) taking into account its environmental impact. In this sense, the following aspects are considered:
    • Procurement: it is advisable to use materials with a low environmental impact in the procurement process.
    • Use: the process through which these materials are transformed into parts of the boat should also be considered, and it is advisable that these processes are not aggressive to the environment.
    • Recycling: When the vessel reaches the termination of its useful life, it is advisable that it is easily recyclable and usable, contributing to circularity. For this purpose, this aspect is also valued.
  • Motorisation: Use of electric propulsion methods, which allow proper operation of the vessel, reducing gas and noise emissions to a large extent, as well as reducing the use of fossil fuels.
  • Recharging: Minimise the use of the electrical grid to operate the electric motor, for which the use of renewable energy systems should be maximised, such as the use of photovoltaic solar panels, or small wind turbines or hydro generators.

The EKPboat project aims to have a fully operational prototype harbour vessel for a significant period (around 18 months) to demonstrate the suitability of this solution for harbour uses.


The EKPboat project is expected to progress through 3 stages. At the moment, these are identified as:

• Phase 1: Concept development.
• Phase 2: Detailed design, manufacture 1 prototype and testing.
• Phase 3: Procurement of a minimum of 1 and maximum of 10 boats.


  • Language: Spanish, Basque and English.
    Deadline for submission of proposals to PMC:: 30 days from PMC publication.
    TRL at start and expected at completion:Companies will be able to submit innovative proposals starting from a TRL-4 expecting EKP to reach up to TRL-8.
  • For any technical queries about the EKPboat challenge please send an email to: postontzian



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