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Boosting our language in the Basque industry

Talk to me in BASQUE-EUSKERA, if you want

More and more of us are opening the way to Basque in the Basque industry, also within the SPRI Group. We would like you to accompany us on this trip, presenting your projects, requests or initiatives in our language.

Come with us, on the path of the Basque!

What it offers you

With companies, hand to hand

Working in our language makes us more competitive

Ampo, Batz, Biele Group, Caf, Ceit, Cikautxo, Copreci, Danobatgroup, Eika, Egoin, Elay, Energia Klusterra, Esle, Fagor, Cluster Gaia, Goizper, Ikerlan, Maier, Oreka IT, Orkli, Petronor, Tecnalia, Ulma or Vicomtech are some of the companies firmly committed to the Basque language and participating in INDEUS

INDEUS, the Industry’s Basque Platform


The SPRI Group promoting basque

Initiatives to promote the use of Basque in the Basque industry


INDEUS, Industry’s Basque Platform

INDEUS is the Basque Platform of the Industry, promoted by SPRI - Business Development Agency in collaboration with the Vice Ministry of Language Policy and the Energy Agency of the Basque Government. The initiative arose to help industrial companies that have decided to work in Basque to implement ways to get products and services in Basque.

In this tour, INDEUS has also opened its doors to companies in which the presence of Basque is scarce, with the hope that the experience of the previous ones can serve as a model. More than 20 companies have joined the platform since it began its journey in 2018.




Dictionary of the new industry

The SPRI Dictionary of New Industry is the dictionary specialized in the most advanced sectors of the Basque industry that is continually creating new concepts and updating existing ones.

For this reason, it is essential to keep track of all these innovations, fixing both the content of the concepts and the terms in which they are designated, collecting them and publishing them in a common space.

In this way, people who in one way or another work in the field of New Industry will have a new work tool that will help us in our daily work. To create this resource, the SPRI Group has collaborated with the Elhuyar Language and Technology Unit, who has developed this dictionary.


Enter The diccionary of the new industry


Do you want to promote the use of Basque in your company?

If you are an industrial company and you are interested in this initiative, please write to us at

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