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Deep Dives BDIH

Fully test new technology
before you invest

BDIH deep dive
immersion days

Sometimes, companies face purchase commitment agreements with technology suppliers, without being sufficiently informed about the usefulness for their business. Now, they can minimise the risk of this decision by participating in BDIH deep dive immersion days.

A customised plan: DEEP DIVE technology days are designed to provide practical knowledge so that SMEs can find specific solutions to their problems.

During the deep dive, companies will watch experts give real-time demonstrations, discuss the challenges they have faced and learn about real use cases from other companies.

An opportunity to see how technology can improve processes and products in your company.

You know what you need to do: shorten the learning curve and gain the knowledge you need to incorporate technology into your products or processes.

What it offers you

Practical solutions to real-life challenges in the application of new technology

A first contact with technology in the search for solutions for your business

Introduction to the use of technology at no economic cost

Access to the best experts in the country


Each DEEP DIVE is divided into different thematic sessions, which address the main applications and technological solutions to the challenges that manufacturing industries face when incorporating these digital and sustainable resources.

01_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on flexible robotics

From the flexible robotics node

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02_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on additive manufacturing

From the additive manufacturing node

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03_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on cybersecurity

Linked to the Cybersecurity node

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04_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on data-driven solutions

Linked to the data-driven solutions node

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05_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on new materials

From the advanced materials node

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06_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on smart and connected machines

Linked to the smart and connected machines node

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07_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on digital electricity networks

Linked to the digital electricity networks node

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08_ DEEP DIVE immersion days on digital health and medical devices

From the digital health and medical devices node

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How it helps you

Deep Dives helps you to:

Learn from managers who have already applied the technology and from node leaders. Gain hands-on experience and demonstrations, where you will work directly with the assets and analyse your company's needs with experts.

Grupo 2818


Real cases of companies like yours that have already incorporated industrial technology, as explained by their executives.

Grupo 2819


Real-time demonstrations. Hands-on sessions in which you can experiment directly with the assets.

Grupo 2793


Individual advice and solution outlining according to the particular needs of the attendees.

Who is it for

Specially for SMEs:

Seminars designed mainly for SME managers or directors

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// Advantages

5 reasons to sign up

  • Because DEEP DIVE will have a real impact on your company

  • Managers from other companies will explain how they have faced the same technological challenges

  • We will develop customised solutions for your products or processes

  • Sessions of only two hours in very small groups

  • High-level BDIH speakers and assets

// FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Currently, this is the aid we offer in the field of Smart Industry:

Basque Tek Ventures is an itinerary specially designed to support the creation of deep-tech start-ups. It seeks to be a catalyst for new business projects based on the most innovative technologies from the centres belonging to the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).

In collaboration with BRTA and the BICs, Basque Tek Ventures accelerates the marketing of the most promising technologies and the creation of new business fabric through a mentored process for the creation and acceleration of new technology-based start-ups.

Basque Tek Ventures is mainly aimed at:

  1. Centres belonging to the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA) that are looking to convert their technological assets into new business projects.
  2. Experienced entrepreneurs looking to embark on the adventure of creating a deep-tech start-up.
  3. Investors and companies interested in new investment opportunities.

The initiative is led by the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment through its development agency SPRI, in collaboration with BRTA and the Basque BICs.

It is aimed at startups, companies, investors, and agents who are present/active in the Basque Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

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