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News 14 February, 2022 BDIH Innovation Dispositivos Médicos y Salud Digital BDIH

Get to know the BDIH’s node of Medical Devices and Digital Health

The node of Medical Devices and Digital Health is born with the goal of transmitting knowledge and technology to the Basque companies working in the health sector through advanced services and specialised knowledge. The node brings together 14 agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network which include technology centers, universities, health institutes, cooperative research centres and centres of basic cooperation and excellence.

Tecnalia coordinates the node of Medical Devices and Digital Health. The manager of the node, Carmen Pastor is in charge of the European Programs in the Health Division of Tecnalia since 2011 and has had extensive experience on innovation in the sector.

“We offer 52 assets that we make available to the companies so they can test our technologies and acquire knowledge with the aim of developing their health products. Our catalogue of assets ranges from biological platforms to our own technology such as laboratories that deal with engineering or product development aspects. We offer companies support in the entire development of their health product from the initial stages of conceptualisation and clinical contrast, continuing with the development of prototypes, their validation and preclinical studies all the way to give support to the product’s development”, explains Pastor.

The node as a one-stop-shop

The node offers three distinct types of services: the first one is focused in technological-economic advice; the second in the use of the technology; and third, essential in the advanced technologies, in its training, for the companies to learn to assimilate these technologies, to use them and to set them into motion.

“What the BDIH allows is that the node works as a single window, a one-stop-shop, so that the companies are directly addressed to the coordinator of the node, instead of having to contact with the different centers, universities and health institutes. The companies explain the problem they want to solve and we, internally, study it and see what agent of the node is the most adequate to give a solution to the need of the company”, points Pastor

The node provides an aggregate set of offerings, combining “biological services with others assets that use electronic or digital tech in order to deliver an all-embracing solution to the company suitable to the case of the health product”, adds Pastor.

In the web page of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, you can learn more about the node of Medical Devices and Digital Health, find information about the assets and get to know the use cases.

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