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Additive manufacturing represents a new model in the way of producing parts and products. Additive Manufacturing (AM), as it is known internationally, basically consists of manipulating material on a micrometric scale and depositing it very precisely to build a solid.

The technologies that make pieces by this principle are very diverse, which means a new industrial revolution. The possibility of dispensing with tools, of reproducing any geometry that the human being can imagine (and draw), the immediacy in the response to the changing consumer demand, and another series of advantages make the AM an authentic cornerstone of the industrial future in the most developed countries on the planet.

In Euskadi there are great capacities of AM and therefore the node of Additive Manufacturing has been created within the framework of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, where the main ST agents with capacities in this field collaborate together to offer the best service to the needs of SMEs .

Fields of Application

We provide companies with infrastructure,
equipment and knowledge

Technological-economic advice

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  • Need Analysis
  • 360 vision technological assessment
  • Collaboration & coworking
  • Technological Prospective & State of the Art
  • Technological Analysis
  • Economic viability Analysis
  • Proof of Concept

Design, prototyping
and validation

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  • Conceptual Design
  • Simulation, solution architecture
  • Safety Analysis
  • Prototyping, programming and experimental validation
  • Technological transfer for industrialisation

and Training

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  • Showroom
  • Training Workshops (<1 day)
  • Training (+ 1 day)

Fields of Application

AM/3D Printing Process

AM/3D Printing Process

Services related to access to additive manufacturing assets and knowledge of processes, technology, and their use, for the development of products / components according to specific requirements. These services are closely related to the physical assets of the node and the associated systems.

  • Manufacturing related to AM / 3DP metal technology
  • Manufacturing related to AM / 3DP polymer technology
  • Design related to process (design rules, ...)
  • Process optimization (parameters, material-process interaction)
  • Assurance Properties (quality, defects, NDT with process knowledge, robustness-viability)
  • Systems and mechatronic developments for AM process (including machine sensorization, ...)
  • Development and application of Process Monitoring
  • Algorithms and process control strategy (software, CNC, ...)


Design for AM and Digital pre-processing
Post proceso
Materials for 3D/AM
AM Digital Chain.
Supporting technologies and processes
AM process validation
Laser laboratory for the analysis and development of solutions for additive manufacturing. IK4-IDEKO
3D Printing Filament Manufacturing Unit. GAIKER-IK4
Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) cell for laser cladding AKTINOS 500 UPV/EHU
Renishaw AM400 SLM additive manufacturing system UPV/EHU
Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) cell for laser cladding Trumpf Trucell3000. UPV/EHU
Stratasys Dimension SST1200es and SST768 FDM additive manufacturing system. UPV/EHU
Non-contact 3D ATOS GOM scanner for digitalization. UPV/EHU
WAAM Machine for metal components manufacture. TECNALIA
RX/computer tomography cell GE model X-CUBE compact 225. UPV/EHU
5 axis hybrid multiprocess center (machining + LMD): ZVH Add+Process. TECNALIA
WAAM additive manufacturing robotic cell. TECNALIA
Parts development center using Binder Jetting technology. TECNALIA
HVOAF: High Velocity thermal spray combustion technology with controlled temperature. TECNALIA
Robotic cell for the construction of large components by concentric wire deposition. TEKNIKER
Machine - 3D Printer for Concentric Wire Deposition Construction of Large Components in Advanced Materials and Oxygen Reactive materials (Ti). TEKNIKER
Robotic cell for large component construction by powder deposition. TEKNIKER
Atomizer. CEIT-IK4
Hot Isostatic Press (HIP). CEIT-IK4
Multifunction laser cell for additive manufacturing and post-processing. CEIT-IK4
Cell. Competence Center of Additive Manufacturing based on High Deposition Rate by direct deposition of powder and wire (LMD and WAAM) IK4-LORTEK
Semi-industrial pilot plant for (electro)chemical surface finishing. CIDETEC
ADDITOLA: Laser metal Cladding cell LMD based on ABB robot and two work tables. IMH
Metal cladding cell (Robot IRB-1600 ABB) and plasma welding machine SBI (PMI-280B). IMH
Realizer 250 Selective Laser Melting (SLM) 3D metal printer. IMH
Geometric processing and computational geometry software library. VICOMTECH
Cell of additive manufacturing by SLM. IK4-LORTEK
Blasting cabinets for texturing or polishing parts manufactured by AM. CIDETEC
Laser equipment for selective polishing and/or texturing areas of parts manufactured by AM. CIDETEC
Center for Development of Additive Technologies for Plastics and Composites. TECNALIA
Additive manufacturing of continuous fiber composites. MU
Connectivity and Technical Interoperability for the IIoT field. IKERLAN
Manufacturing Processes Workshop IMH-ASMAOLA. IMH

Metal cladding cell (Robot IRB-1600 ABB) and plasma welding machine SBI (PMI-280B)

RX/computer tomography cell GE model X-CUBE compact 225

Fabricación aditiva de composites de fibra continua

Laser laboratory for the analysis and development of solutions for additive manufacturing.

Taller de Procesos de Fabricación IMH-ASMAOLA

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