Additive Manufacturing

The connected network in the field of additive manufacturing is a strategic element for the generation and transfer of knowledge and generation of opportunities from the technology, comprehensively covering all aspects involved: raw material, total process cycle (including pre- and post-processing), validation and quality control. An opportunity to improve the competitiveness of the industrial fabric and train the workforce.


Take advantage of, enhance and bring technology assets into Advanced Manufacturing (AM)
Facilitate understanding of Additive Manufacturing as a disruptive technology, its scope and opportunities for companies, in an interconnected global/international environment in constant change.



  • Entre la tecnología /conocimiento, los negocios y la formación y cualificación.
  • Un espacio abierto para posibles proveedores de servicios en FA, búsqueda de socios, tecnologías, agentes tecnológicos, un enlace con el mundo exterior que favorezca la identificación de nuevos modelos de negocio e hibridación con otros negocios. Potenciando el acompañamiento tecnológico y la transferencia de conocimiento en toda la cadena de valor.



  • A space where state-of-the-art technology and knowledge can be accessed.
  • Technical training and streamlining in technological transition process redesign and its eventual implementation through a set of services including technical advice, multi-level training, direct training and experimentation, inter-company collaboration and coworking.


Intended for
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Product developers
  • Machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Finished part suppliers


For management:

  • To acquire knowledge and own criterion that enable responsible decisions to be taken when getting started in AM.
  • To develop knowledge that allows them to access new markets and to generate new products and processes that enable them to be more efficient and competitive in the current ones.


For development and industrial design departments, technical offices, etc.:

  • To train them in knowledge of different AM techniques, advantages and disadvantages of materials available, optimization of industrial design in AM, machine settings and post processing.
  • To develop new materials, processes and products tailored to their requirements.


For operators and maintenance personnel:

  • Configuration and handling of different techniques, post-processing and maintenance.


Educational Community
For students:

  • To acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in this new emerging technology.


For teaching staff (training trainers):

  • To acquire training and experience in this new agglutinating discipline, complementary to their fields of expertise.



Information and advice:

  • Identification of opportunities, solutions and equipment.


Knowledge generation and transfer:

  • Development of new solutions and equipment.
  • Development and optimization of new processes.
  • Hybridization of processes.
  • Process monitoring and control.


Direct training and experimentation:

  • Digital manufacturing infrastructure hire (rental) service.


Collaboration and coworking:

  • Open innovation and identification of opportunities in collaboration with different players.
  • Open innovation and identification of opportunities in collaboration with different players.
  • Attract talent.
  • Attract new international business opportunities.



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