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News 9 May, 2024 R&D

CIC nanoGUNE launches a new call: Industry Collaborative Research Positions

Programa honen helburua da ikertzaile profesionalak tokiko erakundeetan sar daitezen erraztea

CIC nanoGUNE launches a call —Industry Collaborative Research Positions— which seeks to facilitate the technological development of Basque companies so that they can provide innovative solutions to their industrial challenges thanks to the incorporation of highly qualified researchers.

The purpose of the ICRP program (Industry collaborative research positions) is to facilitate the incorporation of research professionals to local companies, enriching the working teams and making possible to find new approaches to the technological and innovation challenges faced in their production processes. “We are convinced that the key to this is the people”, says Ainara Garcia Gallastegui, TechTransfer director in nanoGUNE.

Research lines in nanoGUNE find applications in sectors as diverse as Health, Energy, Additive Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Automotive Industry, Food, and Quantum Technologies, and contribute to increase the opportunities of local companies to stand out.

Depending on the characteristics of the company, nanoGUNE will offer advice to explore the company’s challenges and identify the profile that best fits its needs and will collaborate in the definition of the individual project for the new incorporation. Besides, the program proposes a joint funding structure to hire the selected candidate.

All the Basque industrial or technology-based companies of all sizes and sectors that would be interested in incorporating to their working teams personnel with a scientific/research profile or that would like to explore the advantages of incorporating this profiles to their staff can do it through nanoGUNE’s website

The deadline for submitting applications is September 30.

The talent you are looking for may be close at hand!


The Nanoscience Co-operative Research Center CIC nanoGUNE, located in Donostia/San Sebastian, Basque Country, is a research center set up with the mission to conduct research excellence in nanoscience and nanotechnology with the aim of increasing the Basque Country’s business competitiveness and economic development. NanoGUNE is a member of the Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA) and is also recognized by the National Research Council as a María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence.

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