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News 25 April, 2023 Environmental sustainability Net-Zero Basque

Net-Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster at the Global Industrial Clusters Meeting 2023

The SPRI Group's Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Director, Cristina Oyón, spoke at Antwerp about decarbonisation policies in Europe.
Net-Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster (NZBIS) - Global Industrial Clusters Meeting 2023

The Net-Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster (NZBIS) is in the Belgian city of Antwerp to take part in the “Global Industrial Clusters Meeting 2023” of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Transitioning Industrial Clusters towards net zero” project. Cristina Oyón, the SPRI Group’s Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Director, spoke at the session on decarbonisation policies in Europe, when the clean hydrogen policy frameworks of the EU, USA, Japan and China were analysed and their main differentiating aspects highlighted.

The “Global Industrial Clusters Meeting 2023” is focused on exploring the decarbonisation policies and alliances between members of the initiative, while at the same time strengthening the growing community of industrial clusters in the WEF project.  Representatives of the clusters that are already part of the project and new potential members, including key companies of the whole value chain, along with policy makers, have taken part.

The main topics for discussion include the case studies of alliances between different types of clusters, the EU decarbonisation policy, digital technologies, commitment to a just transition and Governance and business models of the clusters.

The Net Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster delegation in Antwerp also includes representatives of Petronor-Repsol, Iberdrola and the Energy Cluster; they will take this opportunity to advance in the partnership activities with the US EPRI research centre that is also at the event, regarding the design of the roadmaps for the decarbonisation of the Basque industrial sectors that are intensive in energy and greenhouse gas emissions (steelmaking, casting, pulp and paper, cement and refinery).

The Net-Zero Basque Industrial SuperCluster (NZBIS) seeks to accelerate the pathway towards net zero emissions in the Basque Country, by fostering the decarbonisation of energy consumption and efficiency in the industrial sectors that generate the majority of greenhouse gases. In addition, it aims to drive the creation of market opportunities based on the scaling up of new technologies and innovative services.  This initiative has been promoted by the Basque Government in conjunction with the Basque Country’s two leading energy companies – Petronor-Repsol and Iberdrola – along with the industrial clusters.  Furthermore, a partnership between SPRI and EPRI to accelerate the decarbonisation process of Basque industry under the framework of the NZBIS initiative was signed on 5 December.

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