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19 March, 2018
Binary code for new business models

COMA project, funded by The Basque Government's program HAZITEK, aims to develop a new supply of industrial services
COMA initiative aims to convert conventional production systems into a digital environment

 COMA project, funded by The Basque Government’s program HAZITEK, aims to develop a new supply of industrial services

The incorporation of digital technology in the industry extends the possibility of receiving and processing information derived from machine and manufacturing systems. This new paradigm offers the possibility of acquiring a greater knowledge about the operation of equipment and processes and creating new business models that promote business competitiveness.


In this context, the COMA project is being developed, with the participation of companies IK4-IDEKO, Aotek and Ikerlan technological centers and Danobat, Soraluce, Geminys, Fagor Automation, Fagor Electronics, Ingeteam, Savvy and Goimek.


The initiative that aims to convert conventional production systems into a digital environment, began at the end of 2017 and received funding from the Basque Government through the HAZITEK program

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Aludium invests 20 million euros in its Amorebieta plant

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Invest in the Basque Country: “We have the supply chain for any business, industry or services”

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IK4-IDEKO is participating in a European project to take the industrial revolution to industry

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CEBIT enters into alliance with Librecon Bilbao

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14 Basque entities are taking part in the US in the most important world biotechnology convention

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