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3 November, 2021
Keys to the future of Basque companies in Mundura Bergira

The event of business internationalization in Euskadi, 'Mundura Begira', will analyze the world scenario after the pandemic.
Mundura Begira 2021

Mundura Begira 2021, this year will address interesting thematic areas with which to better understand this new future that is already here.

“A Look at where the World is Heading”:

Ideas, Concepts, Opportunities … An important Knowledge so that Basque Companies can apply it and improve our internationalization strategies, minimize risks and be more accurate in all our foreign action projects:

The Great Transformation: Technology, Climate Change, and Health

This section will cover the key changes in three different areas. In terms of technology, a discussion will take place about its regulations so as to avoid a dehumanization of society and how it can be harnessed in order to have positive effects on humanity. It will also touch on climate change adaptation and mitigation due to Green New Deals which are appearing everywhere as well as how the health of people and the planet will impact economic thought for the future and the next stage of capitalism.


The World in Review: Post COVID-19 Scenario

This topic will discuss the different aspects of the pandemic in terms of how it effects different regions, creating challenges of international cooperation. Also, the way in which the health crisis effected global challenges and conflicts and how this will shape the future and different regulations form the USA, EU, and China that are being applied will be looked at.


Global Economic Outlook: Stranger Economics

After looking at the impacts of COVID-19, the future of what is to come will be analyzed. The future of globalization in a post-pandemic world and the economic recovery measures being taken by the EU and the USA will be analyzed and compared as well as the reordering of the global world economy with the prediction of China’s lead in global economic growth. The consequences of these aspects in the long-term will be discussed.


Driving Global Growth: Basque Industries’ Opportunities and Threats in the Era where Emerging Markets Dominate the World

This section will discuss strategies of Basque industry to overcome the challenges in the Asian market, market niches, and ever-growing Asian protectionism as well as the initiatives which are being launched to support SMEs in these areas. Recommendations for businesses on how to prepare and to tackle said markets will also be analyzed.


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