What if all the SMEs in the Basque Country incorporated technological solutions into their projects?

The new industry is already here, and it is an economic and business opportunity. Additive Manufacturing, Flexible Robotics, Cybersecurity, Digital Grinding, Advanced and Sustainable Materials... an offer at the service of SMEs.

And to face this challenge, we work together with SMEs, research centres, public organisations and clusters, so that each and every company can access technology 4.0 solutions. More than 100 technological assets, help and support from experts throughout the process: training-Deep Dive (immersion sessions), research, testing and validation.

Contact us if you are looking to implement smart technologies and advanced materials that improve the efficiency of your company's production system and offer more value-added solutions. We are your technology link.


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Did you know that the Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy has been selected
by UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, as a
model to follow based on the impact that new technologies offer on industrialisation processes?

4.0 solutions for Basque companies

Smart and
connected machines

Testing advanced digital grinding solutions

We help you implement smart production technologies and improve connectivity between your systems and industrial machinery.

Advanced Materials Integrati

More performance and added value
for your production

Scaling of new features and processes, tools and assets to help you define how to use the most advanced materials and improve your production processes.


5 labs connected to help you create a safe environment

Testing and simulation of safe operations in smart grids, automotive, industrial blockchain, data analysis. Protect your SME by testing solutions in a real environment for testing, operations simulation and cybersecurity training.

Flexible and collaborative robotics

Experimentation to solve your business automation challenges

We can help you prevent production errors by automating the process through the use of adapted robots to respond quickly to any necessary change in production. Tell us about your case, we will look into it.

Data Driven Solutions

Solutions based on data

The best strategies need data and information. We show you real cases of industrial companies that have applied Big Data and other technologies to improve decision-making and results.

Additive Manufacturing

Validation in all phases of your project

We can advise and train you in the use of additive manufacturing technology in your processes, including the entire value chain, from materials to post-treatments and functional treatments, for the design, prototyping and validation of new products.

Asset Catalogue

More than 100 4.0 assets available
for Basque companies.

Specific knowledge and services in the fields of additive manufacturing, flexible robotics, smart and connected machines, cybersecurity and advanced materials.

Immersion sessions for 4.0 technologies. Deep Dive

Practical, proactive and interactive sessions

Use cases and practical demonstrations where attendees can analyse, guided by expert personnel, the individual needs of each company.

Events, training and

BI 4.0 The meeting point, webinars,
talent, practical training in technologies
and systems

We promote dissemination and training so that your team can get the most out of smart technologies.

Digitalisation Grants

01. Baskeep We have designed a secure and confidential virtual space so that companies going through difficulties can attract and obtain investment proposals that allow them to continue with their activity and keep their jobs.
Access Baskeep
// Ask for the others grants

Basque Digital Innovation Hub

Tell us about your project; you have at your disposal a team for training, research, testing and validation

Startup Acceleration Programme

A first customer and preferential access to services and financing


In its latest edition, the public-private startup acceleration programme
for smart industry has had the collaboration of 52 leading companies, including Mercedes Benz, EDP,
Siemens Gamesa, Quirónsalud and Eroski.

A unique opportunity for companies to access the best global talent and the most innovative projects,
which apply the latest technologies to the advanced manufacturing, energy, health and food sectors.
After four editions, BIND 4.0 has boosted a total of 108 startups and has developed 173 industry 4.0 projects.

“Technology leaders give their advice: there are simple technologies that many companies can already apply”


“Within a week, we had implemented an AI technology to detect errors and enable a quality control system that responded quickly to them”

Aceros Inoxidables Olarra

“It's amazing how software can improve production process”

Nodo Data Driven Solutions

The annual reference event
in the Basque Country
around the 4th
industrial revolution and the

3,700 industrial
20 cybersecurity
170 stands


Networking and contacts


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