Intrapreneurship, a winning bet

The challenge of increasing the competitiveness of the Basque business fabric has led to our institutions launching ambitious projects in different fields.

One of them is to promote entrepreneurship as a transformation and innovation driver in organizations. Active companies that, through processes structured according to their requirements and features, extend their capabilities by creating new lines of business, developing of new products or services, encouraging the entrepreneurial talent of the people who make up the organisation.

It is precisely in one of its five lines of action, the Inter-institutional Support Plan for Entrepreneurship, that promoting Intrapreneurship is proposed as a goal: increasing the capability of Basque companies to develop new projects, products or business units. Enterprise from inside; enterprise from and for companies.

To channel this line of action, the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infraestructures, together with SPRI, provides a range of training, consulting and financial support resources. For this purpose, an action and service package has been structured, with the BICs (Business and Innovation Centres) of Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa playing a key role in its development.

The Initiative is primarily intended for industrial companies with more than 50 employees, although it is open to the incorporation of other companies that present proposals for creating new businesses with a high potential for wealth and job creation.


The goal is to generate interest in Intrapreneurship and disseminate the convenience of exploring this competitive avenue among Basque companies. Interesting references are provided about success stories, relevant aspects of the Intrapreneurship process, etc. through different media Up Euskadi blog , SPRI and BIC dissemination channels, etc.

In this line of work, the role of Basque driver enterprises that collaborate in dissemination is especially relevant. Through their own experiences, they offer valuable lessons about the start-up of new businesses or product launches, and also contribute to the explicit recognition of entrepreneurial talent.


The aim of these actions is to facilitate direct contact between people who are working, or intend to do so, to develop the intrapreneurial culture in their organizations. Talks and lectures with experts from the academic and business sphere provide an extra element of knowledge to the Initiative and contribute toward creating an active community of intrapreneurs.

Outstanding among these actions are the “Topaketak”, bi-monthly meetings held at the respective headquarters of the driver enterprises that collaborate with the Initiative. Attendees are given the chance to visit and learn about significant success stories, in situ, with opportunities for conversation and sharing information.


Seminars to go deeper into the most important aspects of the intrapreneurship process, from idea management to implementation model, funding and resource management, etc. The seminars have first class teaching staff, who provide a dual vision: practical and academic.

Expert accompaniment

This Initiative provides interested companies with a complete professional accompaniment process, which will speed up the incorporation of intrapreneurship. This process is defined jointly with the companies, considering their needs, requirements and goals. Accompaniment is customised, with each organization setting its own goals and the expert team selected for accompanying directs and monitors.

Other tools.

Depending on the degree of maturity of the projects being implemented in each organisation, companies are offered different forms of support through this Initiative, such as preferential access to programme funding, among others.

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For further information, we invite you to visit the Up Euskadi Blog , where you will find daily updates on the actions of this Initiative, as well as news, success stories, recommended items, etc. ”