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Frequently Asked Questions

BIND 4.0 is a public-private initiative, an open innovation platform that provides targeted business services and creates mutually beneficial collaborations between disruptive startups and innovative companies. BIND 4.0 has an annual startup acceleration program aimed at startups with tech products or services that solve relevant problems in the digital transformation of Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health and Food Industries. Additionally, our Open Innovation platform provides services to large companies in their digital transformation journey.
Early stage and “idea phase” projects will not be accepted into this program. BIND 4.0 is addressed to startups in the Industry 4.0 field that have finished their technological development and are ready to launch their product/service on the market.
Yes, Startups must be legally established, have finished their technological development and be prepared to launch on the market or have recently entered the marketplace.
No. Startups from any country can apply for and participate in BIND 4.0. The 2022 Edition is a hybrid online and in person program with some dates required to attend in person. Startups teams will need to send one team member to the required events hosted in Basque Country, Spain in order to participate.
  • Startups register by filling out the application form, active July 7 - Sept 10 2021
  • Every team will be asked to send a video where founders introduce their startup. Other attachments that provide additional information (demos, presentation, etc.) may also be considered
  • Applications must be sent in English, using the application form on our site
The participating startups are chosen by our 65 Corporate Venture Client companies looking to collaborate and implement new technologies. Be sure to review the profiles on our Venture Clients page to get familiar with the needs of the industry and see if your solutions are a fit. Startups that pass the selection process and reach a collaboration agreement and then sign a contract with at least one of the venture client companies will join BIND 4.0. View Terms & Conditions
The Selection process is divided into three phases: PHASE 1: Pre-Selection of Startups
  • The Coordination Committee will evaluate all the applications and select the startups that best match the previously defined assessment criteria and technologies desired
  • During this period, potentially eligible teams might be requested to provide additional information
  • The 50 startups with the highest score will pass to the second phase
PHASE 2: Selection of Finalist Startups
  • The Venture Client companies will evaluate the pre-selected startups through “pitching” type interviews according to the previously defined assessment criteria
  • The Venture Client companies will select the finalist startups with the highest scores to move on to Phase 3
PHASE 3: Matching between a Venture Client Partner Company and Finalist Startups to work on a joint project
  • During this phase Finalist Startups and our Venture Client Partners will meet to define the scope of the Industry 4.0 project, reach a collaboration agreement and determine the scope of a contract
  • In order to ease the legal terms of the agreement, BIND 4.0 will facilitate a standard contract template. However, both sides have full freedom to write additional clauses in the contract and establish the terms of their working relationship.
  • The Startups that receive a contract with one or more of our Venture Client Industry Partner companies will join BIND 4.0
Key dates for the 6th Edition of the BIND 4.0 Program
  • International Call for Applicants / July 7 2021
  • Registration Deadline / September 10 2021
  • Startup Selection Process / October 2021
  • Acceleration Program Kickoff / Jan 21 2022
  • Acceleration & I4.0 Project Development / Jan 2022 - July 2022
  • Demo Day Innovation Showcase / July 6 2022
After closing the pre-selection process in October, BIND 4.0 will contact the selected applicants to coordinate the Interviews of the second phase. The applicants who have not been selected will also be informed of the results. When interviews of Phase 2 are complete, the BIND 4.0 team will contact the finalists to coordinate a meeting between the startup and the venture client / industry partner company so that they can work on the definition and scope of the joint project to be carried out during the 24-week acceleration cycle.
The Venture Client / Corporate Partner companies will propose to each selected Startup the chance to develop a real Industry 4.0 project. During this phase, there will be meetings between Finalist Startups and interested Venture Client Companies with the goal of defining the scope of the project and reaching a collaboration agreement / contract. In order to ease the legal terms of the agreement, the BIND 4.0 Program will facilitate a standard agreement template. However, both sides have full freedom to write other clauses in the contract. Startups will have the legal support of the Program to make this agreement. While the final amount of the project and the conditions of the possible contract to be signed between the venture client company and the startup will be agreed by the parties depending on the scope and complexity of their project, the program establishes an indicative minimum of €25,000 (excluding VAT).

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