Biotechnology Health

The Strategy

Partiendo de una larga trayectoria de éxito industrial, el País Vasco ha sabido transformarse en una pequeña pero dinámica bioregión, con un creciente Cluster de empresas de Biociencias en un renovado sistema de investigación e innovación.

Other news from the biotechnology sector

“5.5 millions for project on smart matrices for knee cartilage repair”

A research project in cartilage regeneration, in which the Unit of Biomaterials from the CIDETEC Institute for Nanomedicine participates together with nine other partners from seven countries, was recently financed by the European Commission with 5.5 million euro.

“Innovative, simple treatment to combat the Candida Albicans fungus”

A study led by the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has for the first time shown the antifungal activity of uterine stem cells

Osakidetza advances in cancer research through 380 projects

Osakidetza advances in cancer research through 380 projects

“Conference on Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies”

Next February 1 we will celebrate the day of Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Therapies at the Álava Technology Park

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