Biotechnology Health

The Strategy

Partiendo de una larga trayectoria de éxito industrial, el País Vasco ha sabido transformarse en una pequeña pero dinámica bioregión, con un creciente Cluster de empresas de Biociencias en un renovado sistema de investigación e innovación.

Other news from the biotechnology sector

“Osakidetza professionals participate in a project that halves the use of unnecessary drugs against acute bronchiolitis”

The work in which the OOSS Barakaldo-Sestao and Ezkerraldea-Enkarterri-Cruces are involved has recently been recognized in the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Quality Assurance

“Researchers from Osakidetza and the UPV/EHU identify key biomarkers to prevent stroke”

Since 2008 they have been working to prevent a disease of which, every year, there are 6,000 new cases and around 600 deaths in Euskadi.

“CIC bioGUNE and Deusto sign an agreement to enhance the teaching and research work in Health Sciences”

The University joins the biomedical research center for the development of high level international science

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