Biotechnology Health

The Strategy

Partiendo de una larga trayectoria de éxito industrial, el País Vasco ha sabido transformarse en una pequeña pero dinámica bioregión, con un creciente Cluster de empresas de Biociencias en un renovado sistema de investigación e innovación.

Other news from the biotechnology sector

“We study rare diseases”

The bioGUNE 2017 project aims to unite and coordinate the capacities and experiences of relevant actors in the field of biosciences in the Basque Autonomous Region with the aim of deepening the study of rare diseases.

“The experimental work of the PICCOLO Project in the Gastroenterology and Pathology Services of the OSI Bilbao-Basurto begins”

The OSI Bilbao-Basurto (Osakidetza/BIOEF) has started the collection of routine colonoscopy videos to work on the analysis and processing of images in order to achieve the project’s objectives.

“A Research work developed in ACHUCARRO discovers a molecular key for delaying the progression off Multiple Sclerosis”

Research personnel at the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country participated in the promising discovery published by the prestigious scientific journal EMBO Molecular Medicine    

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