Biotechnology Health

The Strategy

Partiendo de una larga trayectoria de éxito industrial, el País Vasco ha sabido transformarse en una pequeña pero dinámica bioregión, con un creciente Cluster de empresas de Biociencias en un renovado sistema de investigación e innovación.

Other news from the biotechnology sector

“Three Spanish public hospitals study the safety and efficacy of the first cell therapy to treat acute traumatic spinal cord injury”

The biotechnology company Histocell and the pharmaceutical company Ferrer today announced that the first patients have been recruited for a Phase 1/2 clinical trial of FAB117-HC, a new cell therapy medicinal product for the treatment of acute spinal cord injuries of traumatic origin.   It is the first cellular medication designed to treat acute traumatic […]

“Basque Health Cluster leads ONCOGEN for the creation of the Observatory of Euroregional Oncogeriatry”

On April 24, at the Onkologikoa facilities, the inaugural meeting of the ONCONAEN project was held. The project, led by the Basque Health Cluster, will address, among other activities, the creation of a Euroregional observatory of geriatric oncology.

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