Biotechnology Health

The Strategy

Partiendo de una larga trayectoria de éxito industrial, el País Vasco ha sabido transformarse en una pequeña pero dinámica bioregión, con un creciente Cluster de empresas de Biociencias en un renovado sistema de investigación e innovación.

Other news from the biotechnology sector

“Bexen Cardio attends the MEDICA fair in Germany”

Bexen Cardio gets a notorious success by presenting its latest defibrillator news at the MEDICA fair, which it has been attending for more than 20 years.

“The Health Department approves aid to the Sanitary Research Institutes Biodonostia and Biocruces to reinforce the deployment of the RIS3 Euskadi strategy”

The economic aid, of 340,000 euros, supports R&D projects, innovation and development of living labs in health

“The research in 3D technology of the IIS Biocruces and its use in Cruces Hospital, a great success in surgery in recent years”

The medicine from the impression in three dimensions -3D- has arrived at the Basque health. In mid-2015, the Innovation Unit of the Cruces University Hospital and the Biocruces Research Institute launched a project that has already paid off. In the Hospital, 31 surgeries were performed in one year, all of them successful.

“CIC bioGUNE and OWL Metabolomics participate in an innovative European research project to develop a better diagnostic test for liver disease”

The objective of the LITMUS project is to optimize and validate diagnostic tests for the early assessment of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and to identify those at higher risk of developing severe inflammation and cirrhosis.

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