Investee companies and the Innobideak Pertsonak Programme

The Basque Country has always been, is and wishes to remain, a country built on principles of collaboration and participation. With a long tradition of collaboration and participation at the business and social level, it has an increasing number of investee companies, extensive network of support agents and remarkable political sensitivity towards the promotion of participation.

To promote competitive improvement through actions aimed at worker participation in company management, results and/or ownership.

In the Business Development Department and SPRI we assume the commitment to participation, the concept of the company as a community of persons, the promotion of “customised” participation models, the consolidation of the system of support agents and the strengthening of business competitiveness and social cohesion.

The Innobideak Pertsonak programme is the instrument created to encourage worker participation in Basque companies, helping these companies to make a “quantum leap” in their own participation models, responding to different business cases and degrees of implementation of participatory models and reinforcing the Basque support ecosystem for companies committed to participation.


Goals of the Innobideak Pertsonak Programme

  • To encourage worker participation in the enterprise, as a key element for improving the competitiveness of our business fabric and the social cohesion of the territory.
  • To back a new organisational culture, based on the participation, commitment and involvement of people, that contributes towards improving labour relations.
  • To favour the contribution of people through shared projects that prioritise the assumption of responsibilities, the emotional connection to the project, transparency and, in general, the enhancement of worker capabilities and potential.
  • To support the implementation of participatory processes in all types of enterprises, ensuring the survival, continuity and growth of differential business projects based on the participation and intelligent agreement of their members, and intergenerational commitment.
  • To take advantage of the knowledge base and experience generated over decades in the Basque Country, consolidating the ecosystem of support agents for worker participation in the enterprise (public administrations, businesses, universities, financial system, specialised services, associations and experts).


If you are …

  • A CONVINCED COMPANY, a company that wants to move forward in its model of participation, due to its philosophy, for its own better sustainable development.
  • A NEWLY-CREATED COMPANY, based on the knowledge of the people it is composed of.
  • An INHERITED COMPANY, which is considering the succession or replacement of all or some of the owners by other people to reinforce the continuity of the business, without its sale or liquidation.
  • A company undergoing a DIFFICULT SITUATION, in which the continuity of all or part of the business entails participation of management and/or workers in ownership.
  • A company with CORPORATE VALUES inspired by cooperation.


… you are predisposed to worker participation in MANAGEMENT, RESULTS and/or in SHARE CAPITAL and WE CAN HELP YOU


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