BIND 4.0

Industry 4.0's largest open innovation platform

We connect and prepare disruptive startups and leading companies in the sector to collaborate in order to create innovative solutions, accelerate digital transformation and increase business competitiveness.

What is it?

At BIND 4.0 we make innovative companies and startups grow through collaboration

We have created an internationally renowned open innovation space where startups can collaborate and connect with leading companies based in the Basque Country, and receive mentoring from them. The aim is to promote the growth, transformation and evolution of intelligent industry, clean energy and sustainability and the health and food sector.

"Six successful editions with more than 160 startups accelerated, 240 corporate venture clients and over 200 projects developed".

Who is it for

Disruptive Startups

If you have a solution that is capable of developing the industry of tomorrow and you want to thrive and grow in one of the world's leading Industry 4.0 ecosystems, this is the right place. We are looking for innovative technology-based startups from all over the world to develop their projects and catalyse the innovation of large benchmark companies in the Basque Country.

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Innovative Companies

Open innovation through startups is an agile and successful path towards industrial innovation. If your startup belongs to the intelligent industry, clean energy & sustainability, food or health sectors, this is your programme to implement the most cutting-edge technologies, learn about success stories from your ecosystem and receive expert advice.

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If you are a startup,
you can...

Connect to the Industry 4.0 innovation ecosystem: You will have access to leading companies based in the Basque Country and you will participate in networking activities with the Industry 4.0 open innovation ecosystem.

And gain access to investors, funding, financial aid and a free work space at the Business and Innovation Centres of the Basque Country (BICs).

Get your first clients: You will be able to develop your innovative technology with the best companies in the sector and test its viability in the market. All participants will sign at least 1 contract.

Receive expert advice: More than 40 mentors specialised in business acceleration, market strategies for new Industry 4.0 technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.

If you are an innovative company,
you can…

Be connected to open innovation and corporate venturing through dynamics and targeted events, you will get to know the success stories of the sector of value for your company and you will be able to share experiences and exchange knowledge.

Improve your competitiveness incorporating pioneering solutions developed by innovative startups to implement directly and quickly in your business processes.

Analyse startups: Access to a platform where you can discover and learn about the most disruptive and successful technologies on the market and analyse how their solutions can help you improve your processes.

Receive training and education with workshops designed to bridge the gap between startups and companies, helping to create a collaborative framework that ensures the success of working together.

Hire the best technologies: Identify the technologies you need and hire the most interesting startups for your business, through a venture client collaboration.

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About the platform

How BIND 4.0 works

BIND 4.0 is an open innovation platform that helps startups access the market through large well-established clients based in the Basque Country, with the aim of developing disruptive technologies to improve the competitiveness of companies and move towards industrial transformation.

Programme stages


Convocatoria para startups y preselección de proyectos

Open call for startups from all over the world to send in their applications, presenting their disruptive technological solutions.


Selection of participants

Pre-selected startups present their solutions to the BIND 4.0 industry leaders, who elect the finalists that best suit their needs to participate in the programme.


Acceleration programme
Programme for startups that have signed one or more contracts with our Corporate Venture Clients. Sessions with expert mentors, networking events and contact with investors while the startups implement their projects at the Venture Clients' companies.


Call for Venture Client Partner Companies

Innovative companies in the fields of intelligent industry, clean energy & sustainability, health and food can apply to participate in the programme.


Project presentation

A unique event that connects the entire industrial ecosystem, in which projects developed by startups in collaboration with Venture Client Partner Companies are presented

Apply here

We are looking for innovative technology startups from all over the world, who want to develop their projects and accelerate the innovation of large benchmark companies in the Basque Country.

If you are a disruptive startup interested in this initiative, please complete this form.

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