teknologia haptiko

Technology that reproduces the sense of touch. This seeks to achieve a more real sensation of interaction, transmitting forces, vibrations, movements or other tactile sensations to the user.

This mechanical stimulus may have several applications: to help in creating virtual objects for computer simulations, to control these virtual objects and to improve remote control over machines and devices.

The first generation of haptic technology devices used vibrations; for example, the vibrations of cell phones in silent mode, or those of the Wii controller when our character receives a blow. Of greater interest are the haptic technologies that transmit some kind of force, such as the retroactive force of the Wii controller when we strike something, or the mouse that does not seem to advance when it reaches the edge of the screen, in the case of free devices.

Haptic technologies can also be used in computerised design, on interfaces for handling high-precision robots (such as in surgery) and in many other applications.