The SPRI Hiztegia is a dictionary that specialises in the most advanced side of the industry sector. This sector is constantly creating new headwords and updating old ones. So it is essential to monitor all these innovations and to properly establish the terms for referring to these headwords and their content and to gather them together into a resource and publish them. So, those of us involved in one way or another in the sphere of New Industry will have a new working tool that will prove useful for us in our everyday tasks. To create this resource, the SPRI Group has worked in collaboration with Elhuyar's Language and Technology Unit and has produced this dictionary that you are now looking at..

With this publication, SPRI was keen to do its bit in the process of the normalization of Basque language, and also to bring the promotional role it plays in the sphere of New Industry to the field of language. Unless swift action is taken to create terms, terms gathered from other languages are the ones set to predominate; in particular, those that have come from English. Sometimes, using these terms that do not exist in Basque (abbreviations, acronyms, English terms that are firmly established internationally, etc.) is both unavoidable and correct. Other times, however, Basque terms can be used as naturally and as comfortably as terms that are used in Spanish or English, as long as we have a way of accessing them and as long as we make an effort to use them from the start.

And that is precisely what SPRI Hiztegia is seeking to do: firstly, to check the accuracy and appropriateness of the terms that have already been created in Basque or to propose new terms; secondly, to create terms in Basque to refer to headwords that do not yet have equivalent forms in Basque, so that the user can have this option as well.

That is not the dictionary’s sole aim, however. With respect to the Basque Autonomous Community, there are three main working languages in the sphere of industry: Basque, Spanish and English. Thus we have provided the equivalent terms and definitions of the headwords included in this dictionary in three languages, and the dictionary interface can also be used in these three languages. That naturally opens up the dictionary’s scope for use, and makes it usable for other countries.

And so when we imagine the users of the SPRI Hiztegia, all kinds of people come to mind: professionals in the field of industry, text writers in the field of education, university and vocational training students and teachers, translators, etc. The SPRI Hiztegia is geared towards all these groups and seeks to be a source of information and working tool for them all.

If you would like to receive further information about our project, please contact us at sprihiztegia@elhuyar.eus and we will respond as soon as possible.

General features of the dictionary

We had one aim in mind when embarking on the SPRI Hiztegia: in a precise, clear way, to offer reliable, developed and updated basic terminology on industry 4.0 or the New Industry.

This dictionary is underpinned by the documentation we use in the SPRI Group; that is why it can be said to be a use-based dictionary. It brings together the terms we use in our daily work and endeavours to assist in clearing up doubts in connection with this field.

The SPRI Hiztegia has 918 headwords and they all have equivalent forms in Basque, Spanish and English. So there are 3.814 terms in all. When we want to run a search in the dictionary, we can start from any of the three languages. Taking the language into consideration, the distribution of the number of terms is as follows (last update: 19/10/2023):

In addition, most of the headwords have definitions as well —a total of 354 headwords have been defined— and they can also be consulted in the three languages on which the dictionary is based.

To compile the dictionary, we took today’s trend in dictionaries into consideration and we used technologies developed in the R&D department of Elhuyar’s Language and Technology Unit.

Lexicography work

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