Almost 10 million euros will be invested in this production centre, to be installed in Donostia, which will create 50 highly-qualified jobs.

It is the first facility in Europe to develop viral vectors used in gene therapy. The fact that Viralgen Virtual Core has chosen the Basque Country shows that the region is both attractive and interesting for companies.

The biocompanies concentrate qualities that have made it possible to overcome the crisis and go deeper into an economic model for the future: They have high rates of R&D investment, provide highly qualified employment, have a very specialized demand and are focused on global markets. There are 80 companies operating in the biosciences sector in the Basque Country, employing 1,200 people full time, which represents 6.4% of all personnel dedicated to R&D in the Basque Country, among whom are a high proportion of women.

The decision to locate to the Basque Country, compared to other possible destinations, is due to the feasibility of attracting international talent, our country’s interesting biotechnology sector and the collaboration of the public administration to make a highly complex facility (clean rooms, etc.) possible, in record time, in a privileged environment like the park.

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