We help ensure the viability of your investment

Would you like to save time and money developing your project? You are the person who best knows your company and your product. But don’t you know enough about the Basque market? We provide our experience and knowledge of the industrial and business world in the Basque Country. In addition, we will provide you with the keys you need to open doors and maximize return on investment in the shortest possible time.

From the very first moment you contact us, either through our network of offices abroad or directly with the Invest in the Basque Country team, your project will become our main goal, to ensure the viability of your investment. To do this, we will take action in the following fields:

Establish the data required and the critical aspects of the project

We will thoroughly analyze each of the aspects of your project to establish the data required for its development and detect its strong points.

We will extract customized data so you can take the first decisions

We will provide data about the sector, industry, market, etc.; real, fully adapted data verified with experts in each field so that the results obtained help us to take the first decisions.

We will create a precise timetable and establish the first steps of the project

Whatever the size and scale of the project, having a timetable on which all the steps to be taken and actions to be carried out are accurately established is essential. Therefore, we will help you create it and set the dates and important tasks to be carried out. In the same way, we will help you to establish the first steps to be taken to start out on the path to success.

Establish a strategy to speed up administrative processes

Administrative procedures always tend to slow down processes. Consequently, to speed up the process and so you can launch your project as soon as possible, we will help you with all the process by directly contacting the different institutions.

Costs estimate

We will draw up an estimate of the costs required to set up your company in the Basque Country, ranging from the services you are going to need to the cost of land, construction or machinery. Like this, you will know the investment you will need to make.

Contact with specialist consultants in the fields you need

To be able to move forward and ensure that every step taken is firm, it is important to have the support of specialized consultants in each field. We will put you in contact with all the experts you need to advise and guide you at each stage of the process.

Search for perfect allies

To be able to make progress and be competitive, you will need to go hand in hand with the best. Therefore, we look for partners to help you promote your business, as well as competitive suppliers and service companies that will contribute to the success of your project. We can also get in touch with the clusters of your sector.

Specialized services for financing, site location and obtaining visas

When you land in a new country and want to invest, you need support to be able to finance, and our task is to identify the financing programmes you can take advantage of. Moreover, our specialized company location section will find the location that best suits your needs and characteristics. And if you require a visa or any administrative procedures, we will speed up the process.

Support to attract new projects

With the aim of making your company increasingly competitive, we help you to attract new projects that can help you continue to grow.

Opening, inauguration and coverage in the media

After travelling all the initial journey at your side, we are not going to leave you in the lurch. We will continue helping you with the opening process so that you get maximum coverage.

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We help you make your project a success

From the very first moment you contact us, the success of your project will become our main goal. Our entire team will work side by side with you to ensure your business makes progress

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