How to find the best location for your company

Once you decide which country to install your business in, some doubts usually start to arise, such as, for example, where should I set up? What is the best location for me? Where can I be most competitive?

All these doubts are normal, so it is important to go hand in hand with an expert who totally understands the industrial fabric, who knows the details of the industrial estates and technology parks in the Basque Country, as well as the businesses installed there. This is the only way to find the most suitable location, which will allow you to grow, develop and create strategic alliances.

Moreover, the purpose of our land promotion branch, SPRILUR, is to manage and condition land so as to develop industrial estates. They will help you to find a very competitive location in terms of price and strategic in terms of the services provided.

This is how we help you choose the location

To be able to respond to this question we will perform three different stages.

1. Search for location

After analyzing the characteristics of your business, as a sector, services offered, size, etc., we will search for the industrial estate, technology park or business area that best suits your needs. In the same way, we will take into account the logistics network you need to be able to develop the company, so that it is positioned in a place that facilitates the movement of people, services and products.

When proposing the most suitable place, we will also consider the companies in the vicinity, to let you take advantage to improve your competitiveness and develop more innovative products. But, above all, we will seek locations where you can create strategic alliances and create synergies with technology centres and complementary companies in the value chain.



2. Search for a building or offices

Once the location that best fits your needs has been decided, the time has come to choose the most appropriate building or office. Depending on the size of your company, the sector it belongs to and the services or products offered, we will find the most suitable premises.

3. Negotiations with real estate suppliers

When the ideal office has been located, we will also accompany you during the following steps. We will put you in contact with all real estate agents, both public and private, and we will advise you in the negotiations so that you get favourable terms and conditions.

What is the best location for my business?

Finding a good location in a place you don’t know is not difficult. But finding the ideal location is more complicated. If you want to maximize your investment in the Basque Country, to be in a strategically privileged location that helps you to be competitive, there is only one solution

Contact us so we can help you to find it

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