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As you will know, the Basque Country has its own financial system and fiscal autonomy that you will not find in other regions. In addition, the different public administrations promote a large number of aid programmes to help businesses and improve their competitiveness.

Especially in the early stages, these initiatives will help your company or project to settle in the Basque Country, become established and mature, while being competitive and innovative at all times.

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How can I obtain the necessary financing?

The only way to increase the competitiveness of your project in the Basque Country, and ensure its long term viability, is to go hand in hand with an organisation that in addition to opening doors to obtain financial incentives, also knows the market perfectly. The main mission of our experts is to be by your side at all times, giving you personalized attention.


How does the process work?

Once you contact us, the first task for our experts will be to analyze your project and locate the financial incentives you might be entitled to. We will provide you with specific information about the institution offering the subsidy, whether local, national or European, the requirements you have to meet, deadlines and, above all, we will help you gather the necessary documentation that you will need to complete in order to benefit from these incentives.

Will I only receive support at the beginning?

We know that when developing a new project, one of the most complicated parts is start-up. The procedures and the investment to be made are usually not small. And if we add that the project is to be implemented in a foreign country, the complexity is even greater. And not only at the beginning, but also when the business is becoming established and maturing.

For this reason, we help you to obtain the financing needed at each stage, from beginning to end. You will have the help of specialised experts available in each of the fields, at all times, to advise you and accompany you in a personalized manner.

And what if I need private financing?

We are aware that private financing is often required, either from banks or other private companies. If this is your case, we will help you to locate the institutions that can adapt to your requirements, to your project characteristics and that can be the perfect ally for takeoff.

If, on the contrary, what you require is bank financing, we will analyze all the possible alternatives so that you can choose the option that offers the best terms and conditions.

How can you help me

  • As the Basque Government agency for business development, we are placed in a privileged position.
  • Thanks to this, we can customize the attention we offer you to the maximum.
  • Also, thanks to this factor and our extensive experience we have thorough knowledge of each of the financial programmes you might be able to benefit from, which will facilitate your access to them.

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